Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: BUILT TO LAST (Black Knights Inc.) by Julie Ann Walker


BUILT TO LAST (Black Knights Inc. Book 12) by Julie Ann Walker

Publication Date: June 26, 2018

Genre: Romantic Suspense


00A45B69-78C6-48F7-A187-CBA837D9DCECIn the epic conclusion to the BKI series, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker delivers her biggest bombshell yet!

Welcome to Black Knights Inc.

What appears to be a tricked-out motorcycle shop on the North Side of Chicago is actually headquarters for the world’s most elite covert operatives. Deadly, dangerous, and determined, they’ll steal your breath and your heart.

After a mission-gone-sideways forces Jamin “Angel” Agassi to change his identity, he’s determined to bring down the world’s worst crime syndicate kingpin once and for all. That’s going to be the easy part. Keeping Interpol agent Sonya Butler from discovering who he really is—and blazing another trail into his heart—is the challenge.


Donna review 4.5 stars

I was so looking forward to Angel’s story and am glad that it explained his past while forming his future. To do this, the book kept flashing back to his previous life, illustrating the impact on his and Sonya’s relationship. I’m not a big fan of the back and forth, so thankfully the story itself kept me enthralled. Sonya was someone I liked and could relate to. Her personality made the romance in an unheard of situation believable. Lots of action + smoking hot romance + close-knit friends = a good BKI story! Of course, all the people I’ve grown to love in the Black Knights world were involved in the usual mayhem, making me smile even when the tensions were high. I’m saddened to think this is the end of BKI, but excited for the hint of things to come.

*Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.




“Angel,” she whispered, coming up for air.

The way she said Angel, with such longing and desperation, was perfect. Except it wasn’this name. Not his real name, anyway. And the fool in him longed to throw caution to the wind and tell her the truth, if only to hear her call him Mark one last time.

Years of unquenched desire rode atop his shoulders. A decade of dirty words fell from his lips as he kissed his way back to her ear.

“Tell me you want me,” he commanded, nipping her earlobe.

The way she groaned captured him. Trapped him. Except the truth was, she’d owned him since the moment she opened her mouth beside his table at that café in Paris and asked if he was Mark Risa in sweetly accented Hebrew. He was hers. Always had been. Always would be.

Instinct was his ruler now. Instinct and the memories of all the things she liked. All the things that made her yelp and purr and beg for more. Cupping her breast through the soft cotton of her T-shirt, he thumbed over her nipple, delighted to discover the peak already ruched tight with desire.

She was as responsive as he remembered. Possibly more so.

“Tell me you want me,” he demanded again, needing to hear it. Needing her to admit it.

“I want you. God help me, I do.”

If he’d only heard the desperation in her voice, he might have kept going. Except…overshadowing that desperation were hard notes of guilt.

Reality check.

He pulled back to discover her eyes were glassy with unshed tears. Everything inside him stilled—his heart, his lungs, his blood. Everything except his mind. It raced toward a conclusion he didn’t want to face.

“Are you still crying for him?” he whispered. “This man from your past?”

“No.” She shook her head. Then shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know. It’s just that you remind me of him sometimes. The way you walk. The way you pop your jaw. The way you kiss except…”

He wanted nothing more than to keep contact with her. But she had withdrawn from him emotionally, and the gentleman in him—a guy he rarely let out to play—demanded he withdraw from her physically. When he stepped back, breaking the connection of their bodies, it felt like everything that was important inside him stayed behind. Stayed with her.

“Except what?”

“Except you’re better at it than he was. I didn’t think that was possible,” she was quick to add. “Because he was the best. The absolute best. And yet it is possible. And I feel so…so…” She swallowed and searched his eyes. “Guilty for admitting it.”

Angel shot a victorious fist in the air. Or, at least, he imagined he did.

Couple of things here… One, good to know that for her, and up until now, he’d been the best. And two, he had learned a thing or two since the tender age of twenty-four. He looked forward to demonstrating each and every new skill.

“Sonya, you are not wrong to want me. Your man is dead.” The lie tasted sour in his mouth. God, don’t strike me down. Not now. Not yet. “But you are still living. Still breathing. You have needs.”

She frowned before ducking her chin and staring at her bare feet. He glanced down too and found, much to his delight, her toenails were painted a familiar hot pink.

So there is some of the old Sonya left

“It feels wrong to want you.” Her blond hair had fallen over her shoulders like the halves of a curtain. “I don’t even know you.”

He didn’t mistake her words. They were essentially the ones he’d given her earlier. Except the difference was that in his case, he had known he was lying.

She lifted her chin, staring into his eyes. “Why? Why do I feel this connection with you? Is it because we’re in the same boat? Because Grafton has us both by the nose?”

“I cannot say.” Another lie. The pile was becoming unwieldy. “But I can tell you I feel it too.”

He thought she would be happy to hear it, but she pressed the heel of her hand to her forehead and blew out a gusty sigh. “I’m tired. I should go to bed. We leave for Moldova in six hours.”

Whoa. What? That was it? She was going to abandon the conversation when it was getting good?

“Good night, Angel,” she said a little breathlessly.

Stay, he wanted to tell her.

No. Screw that. He didn’t want her to stay. He wanted to toss her over his shoulder, cart her upstairs, and throw her on his bed and undress her. He wanted to kiss every inch of her naked body until she begged him to put himself inside her.

Instead, he took a step back and lifted a hand, wordlessly indicating she was free to go.

It took everything he had not to reach for her when she slid past him. Instead, he satisfied himself with watching her hips sway to the feminine rhythm of her body as she walked to the end of the kitchen island. She had filled out some over the years. Not that she’d ever been stick thin. God had smiled the day he made her and blessed her with curves. But what little angularity youth had given her was gone now. Her hips were fuller. Her breasts heavier. Everything about her screamed woman.

At the doorway, she swung around, a question in her eyes.

“Was there something else?” he asked.

“I know you think I’m broken.” The misery in her voice hit him in the place where his shattered heart used to be.

Oh, Sonya. What happened to you?

He wanted so much to take her in his arms and remind her of what she once was. Of who she once was. But all he could give her was one simple truth. “The light only truly shines through people who have been broken.”




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Black Knights Inc. Series by Julie Ann Walker – Amazon Series Link
✦1. HELL ON WHEELS ➢ Kindle
✦3. REV IT UP ➢ Kindle
✦4. THRILL RIDE ➢ Kindle
✦5. BORN WILD ➢ Kindle
✦6. HELL FOR LEATHER ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦7. FULL THROTTLE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦8. TOO HARD TO HANDLE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦9. WILD RIDE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦10. FUEL THE FIRE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦11. HOT PURSUIT ➢ Kindle | Review 4.5 Stars
✦12. BUILT TO LAST ➢ Kindle



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IMG_7397Julie Ann Walker is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling Author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics. She’ll never say no to sharing a glass of wine or going for a long walk. She prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind, and she takes her coffee with milk. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: HOT PURSUIT (Black Knights Inc.) by Julie Ann Walker


HOT PURSUIT (Black Knights Inc. Book 11) by Julie Ann Walker

Publication Date: October 3, 2017

Genre: Romantic Suspense


521D7859-5C8D-4B87-934D-68108E7A6D21Welcome to Black Knights Inc.

What appears to be a tricked-out motorcycle shop on the South Side of Chicago is actually headquarters for the world’s most elite covert operatives. Deadly, dangerous, and determined, they’ll steal your breath and your heart.

Fighting for his life is pretty much standard operating procedure for Christian Watson, former SAS Officer. Doing it with bossy, beautiful BKI office manager Emily Scott in tow is another matter entirely.


Donna review 4.5 stars

I’ll start by saying that I love Black Knights Inc. Each character is so finely crafted that I feel I’m a part of it all. Christian was no exception. I love his accent, humor and sexiness. Yumm. Emily was a good match for him, quick witted and strong willed; that made their romance nice and steamy. My only complaint is that there was so much talking that it felt like the story stalled a few times, which is unusual for a BKI book. I liked the tender ending and the lead in, to what I hope, is Angel’s story to come. I can’t wait!

*Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.




What was he doing?
What the bloody hell was he doing?
Emily didn’t realize it, but all her acts of caring, her selfless moments of kindness—from waking him from his nightmare to pulling him into the cab of the pickup truck—had torn open his chest, ripped out his heart, and served it up on a platter.
Then, when she had stepped in front of him, ready to take a bullet that was bloody well meant for him, he had stopped pretending that what he felt for her was lust mixed with a heavy dose of vexation. Stopped pretending that he wasn’t completely arse over teakettle about everything she did, everything she said. Each smile. Each laugh. Each witty quip.
In that moment, he had known. Heart. On. A. Platter.
All she had to do was take it.
Unfortunately, he was the one taking.
Taking a kiss she hadn’t granted. Taking a taste she didn’t return. Taking advantage of a beastly situation.
Had he lost his mind? Had he forgotten the unwritten rule? The one that was bold, underlined, and all in caps?
Not to mention, he’d lost control of himself, of the moment. He blamed it on the memory of Emily in that bastard’s grip. The sight of her there—a pistol to her head, her eyes wide with fear, but her jaw gritted tight because she refused to give in to it—was forever tattooed onto the backs of his eyelids. He knew he’d see it when he closed his eyes at night.
It took effort, but he ripped his mouth away from Emily’s and dropped his hands. Curling his fingers into fists, he locked his jaw until his molars begged for mercy.
“Whaaa?” She blinked up at him through the rain in confusion.
“Sorry.” He ground out. The word was guttural. Hard. “I shouldn’t have…” He shook his head, water flying from the ends of his hair. “Just…sorry, okay?”
Her mouth opened in a bewildered little O. That mouth that tasted like mint toothpaste with a lingering hint of buttered toast. His favorite flavor used to be Welsh cakes, but now it was Emily. Emily and her mint toothpaste with lingering hints of buttered toast.
“That won’t happen again,” he assured her before grabbing her hand and towing her toward the others.
He had thought for sure the man in the black pants and the white shirt was dead. Ben’s shot looked as if it had drilled the bloke directly in the heart. Which meant Christian felt like a total prat for stopping to ask Emily why she had stepped in front of him—for stopping to kiss her—when they arrived in time to hear the decidedly alive man whisper his name. “Philippe Dubois.”
“You’re Boss’s friend,” Ace said, applying pressure to Philippe’s wound. “You’re the former Armée de L’Air commandant.”
Oui. C’est moi,” Philippe managed, water dripping from his chin and earlobes. He wasn’t wheezing. That was good. Meant the bullet hadn’t collapsed his lung.
“Don’t try to talk, Philippe,” Ace told him. “Rusty, call airport security.”
Christian was already pulling his mobile from his soaking hip pocket. The rain had let up. No longer a deluge, it was now more of a steady drip. “We don’t need security. We need an ambulance. This man needs to go to hospital.”
He dialed 999 without hesitation and waited for his call to connect. Dropping his free hand back to his side, he was startled when Emily grabbed it, threading her fingers through his. They felt dainty, delicate. And freezing wet. He desperately wanted to kiss them warmer, kiss them dry.
Glancing at her, he blinked the water from his lashes but couldn’t stop the questions in his eyes. So you forgive me? For taking without asking? For kissing you when you’ve given me no indication you were interested?
Before she could answer, an operator’s voice sounded in his ear, all efficient and bored. After explaining the nature of Philippe’s wound and what had happened in the vaguest of terms, he gave the operator their location. When she asked for his name, he growled, “That’s not what’s bloody important. What’s bloody important is a man’s been shot and needs help. Hurry!” He abruptly hung up. “Help is on the way,” he announced.
Philippe’s white shirt was soaked with blood despite the pressure Ace applied.
“Damnit,” Christian growled, looking around for something to stanch the bleeding. Nothing else for it, he decided, dropping Emily’s hand—he really, truly hated doing that—and shrugging out of his coat. Next came his sweater. He tossed both pieces of clothing to her.
His white cotton undershirt was wet and sticking to his skin, but it would have to do.




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Black Knights Inc. Series by Julie Ann Walker – Amazon Series Link
✦1. HELL ON WHEELS ➢ Kindle
✦3. REV IT UP ➢ Kindle
✦4. THRILL RIDE ➢ Kindle
✦5. BORN WILD ➢ Kindle
✦6. HELL FOR LEATHER ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦7. FULL THROTTLE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦8. TOO HARD TO HANDLE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦9. WILD RIDE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦10. FUEL THE FIRE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦11. HOT PURSUIT ➢ Kindle
✦12. BUILT TO LAST (Releasing 7/3/18) ➢ Kindle



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IMG_7397Julie Ann Walker is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling Author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics. She’ll never say no to sharing a glass of wine or going for a long walk. She prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind, and she takes her coffee with milk. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: FUEL FOR FIRE (Black Knights Inc.) by Julie Ann Walker


FUEL FOR FIRE (Black Knights Inc. Book 10) by Julie Ann Walker

Publication Date: July 4, 2017

Genre: Romantic Suspense


9781492608783-300RGBNew York Times and USA Today bestseller Julie Ann Walker delivers red-hot romantic suspense in Fuel for Fire!

Dagan Zoelner has always had his eye on spunky CIA agent Chelsea Duvall. When a mission throws them together, this could be his only chance to win her heart for good.

Dagan Zoelner has made three huge mistakes
The first two left blood on his hands.
The third left him wondering…what if?
What if he had told the woman of his dreams how he felt before his world fell apart

Spitfire CIA agent Chelsea Duvall has always had a thing for bossy, brooding Dagan. It’s just as well that he’s never given her a second look, since she carries a combustible secret about his past that threatens to torch their lives…



Another exhilarating ride with the Black Knights Inc. It had all the camaraderie, constant changing danger and smoking hot romance that you come to expect in this series. Chelsea was very relatable and realistic – which made her fun to read. Dagan is of course, hot, alpha and gorgeous, but he has a tender and fun side that drew you in. Together, they were heartwarming couple. I loved it and couldn’t read it fast enough.

*Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.




Fuel for Fire Excerpt




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Pre-order Fuel for Fire or Hot Pursuit and receive another Black Knights Inc. novel of your choice!



Black Knights Inc. Series by Julie Ann Walker – Amazon Series Link
✦1. HELL ON WHEELS ➢ Kindle
✦3. REV IT UP ➢ Kindle
✦4. THRILL RIDE ➢ Kindle
✦5. BORN WILD ➢ Kindle
✦6. HELL FOR LEATHER ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦7. FULL THROTTLE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦8. TOO HARD TO HANDLE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦9. WILD RIDE ➢ Kindle | Review 5 Stars
✦10. FUEL THE FIRE ➢ Kindle




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IMG_7397Julie Ann Walker is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling Author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics. She’ll never say no to sharing a glass of wine or going for a long walk. She prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind, and she takes her coffee with milk. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: WILD RIDE by Julie Ann Walker


WILD RIDE (Black Knights Inc. Book 9) by Julie Ann Walker

Publication Date: April 4, 2017

Genre: Romantic Suspense


IMG_7410The hero we’ve all been waiting for…

Ethan “Ozzie” Sykes
Former Navy SEAL

Underground operator for Black Knights Inc., the covert government defense firm disguised as a custom motorcycle shop

In a black-on-black international mission that went seriously sideways, Ozzie was badly injured—now he’s stuck at BKI headquarters in Chicago, champing at the bit to get out into the field again. To his disgust, he’s tasked with distracting Chicago Tribune ace reporter Samantha Tate, who’s been trying to dig up the dirt on BKI for years. Turns out Samantha’s beauty, intelligence and sense of humor are a seriously big distraction, and Ozzie’s losing his desire to keep her at bay.

Ozzie’s tired of hiding, and Samantha may be the best—and worst—person to share his secrets with…



This is my favorite Black Knights Inc. Even though I’ve thought the same on each one I’ve read. The banter between Ozzie and Christian was so much fun, and Samantha showed that she could hold her own with Ozzie as well. I found it fascinating that Ozzie and Samantha – both involved with communication in one form or another – had trouble with the one-on-one communication. I’m not complaining, it added a great element to the story. The romance was smoking and realistic in its progression. (I want an Ozzie!) Then you add the danger and action to get a well-rounded romantic suspense novel. The bad-guy was perfect for this story. This is one that I will read again…especially when it’s time to gear-up for the next installment, Ms. Walker has my interest peaked for that!

*Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.




Full situational awareness…
It was a phrase the Navy SEALs used to describe an operator’s ability to focus on a million things at once and quickly come to conclusions about who or what in his environment posed a potential problem. As far as Ozzie could figure, his environment posed three potential problems.
The first was Janie. She was gearing up to make another pass at him. He could see it in her come-and-get-me-big-boy stare. And what the hell was Gloria thinking? That he was some toy to be passed around? Sure, he deserved an ass-kicking for not immediately recognizing her. But in his defense, they’d only had sex once. And besides being a brunette back then, she’d also been about twenty pounds heavier. And just to be clear, she was the one who never called him back.
Pretty much the story of my life, he thought, quickly followed by, Damn you, self-pity!
His second problem was Samantha. Something was off with her. He hadn’t noticed it at first, but then he’d detected the edge in her voice, the slight trembling of her lips. Both subtle tells had increased exponentially after she read that text message. Not good. The woman was like one of those damned truffle pigs when it came to sniffing out trouble, and the thought of her pretty neck on someone’s chopping block had anger burning low in his belly and fear crawling up his spine like a poisonous spider.
And then there was problema número tres, otherwise known as the big, burly biker who had shouldered his way into the bar. He was wearing the colors of the Basilisk MC, one of Chicago’s true-blue motorcycle clubs, and the expression on his face said he hadn’t come in for a drink. He was searching for someone. His eyes were barely visible between his shaggy hairline and the dark beard that grew up over his cheeks, but they zeroed on Samantha’s back as she made her way down the long hall leading to the restrooms, making it seem that he’d found his quarry.
Ozzie’s heart rate spiked, the feeling as familiar as breathing. The blood rushing through the injured muscles of his thigh caused them to twitch, and the resulting pain was also now as familiar as breathing. He tried to take comfort in that. Pain meant life. He should be grateful to still be alive. He was grateful to still be alive. Even if it appeared that his life wasn’t going to be anything like what he had planned or hoped.
“Heads up,” he murmured casually.
“I see him.” Christian took a slow sip of his beer as they watched the biker skirt around tables until he stopped at the high-top closest to the mouth of the hallway.
“Hard to tell what he’s packing beneath his cut,” Ozzie observed. Cut was the term bikers used to describe the jackets that sported their colors and patches. Those colors and patches not only told the world which MC the rider was affiliated with, but also who the rider was within the MC and the various things the rider had done for the MC. According to this dude’s patches, he was the sergeant at arms, the enforcer for the Basilisks, and he’d killed for his club. More than once.
Well, piss, shit, and suck a potato dick.
“Judging by the size of that bulge,” Christian speculated, his accent thickened with adrenaline as he nonchalantly unhooked his heels from the brass footrail and prepared to make a move, “I should think it’s either a small sidearm or a bloody big knife.”
“Trouble brewing?” Delilah asked beneath her breath, coming over to them and pretending to wipe down the bar. “First time I’ve ever had a Basilisk in my place.”
“You still got that sawed-off back there?” Ozzie asked. One of the many things they all appreciated about Delilah was the shotgun with the aftermarket shortened barrel she was known to keep behind the bar.
A faint smile curved her lips. “Wouldn’t leave home without it.”
“Good,” he told her. “If shit goes sideways, I want you to grab that scatter gun and duck down behind the bar.”
“But—” she started, only to have Christian cut her off.
“Oy. Shut your gobs. Here comes Samantha.” When Christian got really worked up, a little cockney slipped into his highbrow London speech.
But Samantha wasn’t coming. Oh, no. She was running. Running out the door leading to the alley like the place was burning down behind her.



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✦3. REV IT UP ➢
✦6. HELL FOR LEATHER ➢ | Review 5 Stars:
✦7. FULL THROTTLE ➢ | Review 5 Stars:
✦8. TOO HARD TO HANDLE ➢ | Review 5 Stars:



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IMG_7397Julie Ann Walker is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling Author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics. She’ll never say no to sharing a glass of wine or going for a long walk. She prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind, and she takes her coffee with milk. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



Top Favorite Romances 2015

It’s here! Donna and I spent days trying to cut down our list and we finally got it down to 30(ish) books (we each got 15 picks). These are books that stayed with us long after we turned the last page. Some are new authors and some are long time favorites. We had books we loved that didn’t make the final list. 2015 was a great year and there were so many amazing releases and it looks like 2016 is going to be great too. I have a list of 2016 PRE-ORDERS HERE you can check out. 

Check out our #TopFav2015 list below and and let us know who made your list in 2015. -Cori 




✦Dragonbane (Dark-Hunter Novels) by Sherrilyn Kenyon ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Born of Betrayal (The League Series) by Sherrilyn Kenyon AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW (To Be Posted 1/11)

✦Wicked Edge (Realm Enforcers Series) by Rebecca Zanetti ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Searing Ecstasy: A Guardians of the Realms Novel by Setta Jay ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Chase the Darkness (Alpha Pack) by J D Tyler ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Mate Bond (Shifters Unbound) by Jennifer Ashley ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy) by J R Ward ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦CAGED MAGIC: A Wing Slayer Novel by Jennifer Lyon ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Burned by Karen Marie Moning ➢ AMAZON

✦Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Reaper’s Fall by Joanna Wylde ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Strong Enough (Tall, Dark and Dangerous) by M. Leighton ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦I Want You To Want Me by Erika Kelly ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦The Master (The Game Maker Series, Book 2) by Kresley Cole ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Call On Me (A Loving on the Edge Novel) by Roni Loren ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦All I Want (Animal Magnetism) by Jill Shalvis ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Wicked for You (Wicked Lovers) by Shayla Black ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Rock Hard (Rock Kiss Series, Book 2) by Nalini Singh ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS (The Perfect Gentlemen, Book 1) by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Hard Beat (A Driven Novel) by K. Bromberg ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Fire Me Up (Pine Mountain Book 4) by Kimberly Kincaid ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦All Wrapped Up (Pine Mountain, Book 5) by Kimberly Kincaid ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦When Somebody Loves You (The Southern Belle Book Club) by Shirley Jump ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Target Engaged (Delta Force Series) by M. L. Buchman ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Edge of Danger (Deadly Ops) by Katie Reus ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Primal Force: A K-9 Rescue Novel, Book 3 by D.D. Ayres ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Hard to Let Go: A Hard Ink Novel by Laura Kaye ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Bring the Heat: A Sugarland Blue Novel by Jo Davis ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Too Hard To Handle by Julie Ann Walker ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW

✦Brash: The Cavanaugh Brothers, Book 3 by Laura Wright ➢ AMAZON | REVIEW


Rockin’ Reads Giveaway Hop 2015

rockin reads

Everyone needs a Rockin’ Read! Stop by Sept 23rd to 30th and find out which reads have rocked 2015 for us! We chose 8 books we loved and stuck with us. Assassins, Rock Stars, Bikers, Dragons, Hunters, Vampires/ Angels and Military Heroes! Check them out and be sure to enter the giveaway below. There will be a giveaway on each blog stop so don’t forget to visit them all! -Cori 

Link to Hop Main Post


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image imageStrong Enough (Tall, Dark and Dangerous) by M. Leighton

I’m obsessed with Jasper and I’m obsessed with the rest of the special ops guys that will be getting their own books later. M. Leighton will rip your heart out, shred it and then sew it back up and hand it back to you all repaired by the end of the book. Jasper and Muse’s book is an emotional, beautiful and scorching hot love story. This is a standalone book and each book in the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series will be about a different member of a special ops team. I recommend you grab a copy of Strong Enough and fall in love with Jasper. Book 2 releases soon and I loved it even more!

5 Star Review | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


imageI Want You To Want Me by Erika Kelly

I adored this book! I Want You To Want Me was the perfect mix of emotional, fun and hot romance. It’s a rock star romance with a HEA ending. This is the second book in Erika Kelly’s Rock Star Romance Series, but each book can be read as a standalone. They each feature a band mate. I recommend both books. They’re beautiful love stories that will stick with you long after you close the books. Erika Kelly is an author to watch and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

5 Star Review | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


imageRide Steady: Chaos Series by Kristen Ashley

I LOVED this book! Loved it! Ride Steady is book 3 in Kristen Ashley’s Chaos Series. Each book can be read as a standalone but if you’d like to read them in order I’d actually start with Motorcycle Man which is the last book in the Dream Man Series and then read the Chaos Series. I love Kristen Ashley’s writing style and her books always make me feel great. They are books I pick up if I need an escape and want a book I know I’m going to enjoy and have fun reading. Ride Steady is Joker’s book and Kristen Ashley made me fall in love with him. It’s a beautiful love story and I experienced a full range of emotions reading it. I can’t say enough good things about it.  Grab it, then devour it and fall in love with Joker!

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imageDragonbane (Dark-Hunter Novels) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I’m a huge Dark-Hunter fan and I’m so excited about the new twists in the series storyline. Dragonbane is Max’s story and if you’re a fan of the series you know he’s remained a bit of mystery. We get all the details in his book and we get more dragons! Max and Seraphina’s story is full of heartbreak, danger, mystery and hot romance. If you’re a fan of the series you will love Dragonbane and if you’re new to the series I would recommend you start at the beginning to fully enjoy it. Each book has a HEA ending for different couples but the series needs to be read in order to fully appreciate the characters and series plot. The Dark-Hunter series keeps getting better and no one weaves a story like Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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imageCAGED MAGIC: A Wing Slayer Novel by Jennifer Lyon

When Jennifer Lyon announced that she was going to write Linc’s book to say I was excited would be an understatement. I ‘girly squeeled’ and then went to Facebook and Twitter and told everyone they needed to read this series if they hadn’t read it. It’s one of those series I tell everyone they should read because I just love it so much and I obsessed with characters. The Wing Slayer series is a hot paranormal romance series with swoon-worthy protective alpha males and their witches. I’m so happy Jennifer Lyon has picked up the series again and decided to self publish it. The series will be rele-releasing next month so if you’re new you’ll have a chance to start at the beginning.

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image imageToo Hard to Handle – Black Knights Inc by Julie Ann Walker

Granted I love the smoking hot romance and the natural chemistry of the couple but you add the danger and covert ops surrounding it and you have a winner in my book. Black Knights Inc is one of my favorite series because of how the group interacts with each other. Their lighthearted banter amidst the danger just feels natural, like they’ve been together for a long time and seen it all. I get a feeling that I am a part of them and that belonging stays with me long after the book is done.

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imageEven Vampires Get the Blues: Deadly Angels Series by Sandra Hill

This offbeat paranormal romance series got me from the start. Viking-Vampire-Angels, how can you get better than that! I love how they all work and live together effortlessly as a group. They have me laughing one minute and sighing the next, all while the battles rage on around them. Even the bad guys are fun to read as they have their own group dynamic. The fighting can be intense and some heartfelt moments will grab a hold of you but the romance is smoking hot and so much fun.

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imageHard to Let Go: A Hard Ink Novel by Laura Kaye

This Hard Ink group works so well together despite their different personalities. I love their rough edges but heartfelt caring all the while hell rains on them and they cope with a wise-cracking teamwork. I feel like I know them and care about each and every one. This installment was a wild ride and the romance was so darn hot that I had to fan myself. This book held me tight in its grip long after I was done reading….literally, for days.

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Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Too Hard To Handle by Julie Ann Walker



Hi everyone! Julie Ann Walker here, delighted to be talking today about my mad love for men on motorcycles whose hearts happen to be as big as their… ehem… hogs. (That’s slang for their bikes! Get your heads out of the gutter, you naughty readers! *wink, wink*)

But seriously, from the King of Cool, Steve McQueen, to Marlon Brando in The Wild One, to Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy, there has always been something about a guy riding around with rolled steel and a V-Twin engine between his legs. It sets our hearts aflutter. And in my Black Knights Inc. series, I try to take those badass bikers to a whole new level by also making them covert government operators. The series is all spies on bikes, leather and chrome, romance and redemption, action and adventure. So, what’s not to love? Nothing! I guarantee it.

Read on for an excerpt of TOO HARD TO HANDLE. You’ll see the men of Black Knights Inc. have heart, humor, and everything a woman could want in a man…



“Luke Winterfield,” Dan growled. “Under the authority granted to me by the government of the United States of America, I hereby inform you that you’re totally screwed. You made a choice to sell out your country and now you’re gonna face the consequences. Reap the whirlwind, asshole.”

“Nice,” Zoelner said. “Have you been holding on to that one for a while?”

“Came up with it in Bogotá,” Dan admitted, a definite grin in his tone.

“I like it.”

“Thought you might.”

“Really though,” Zoelner went on, “I was expecting some quote from Ted Nugent or Eminem.”

“I can come up with my own material, you know,” Dan insisted. “It’s just I like to give credit to my hometown whenever I can. To make up for the place getting such a bad rap.”

“Maybe it’s because so much bad rap has come out of there,” Zoelner mused. “Insane Clown Posse comes to mind.”

“Hey,” Dan whispered urgently, “don’t say that too loud. You’ll have groups of juggalos beating down your door.”

Zoelner snorted.

“And just so you know,” Dan went on, “what I’ve learned out of this lifetime is you should be proud of where you come from.”

“I’m waiting…”

“Kid Rock said that. Via his Twitter account.”

“And there it is.”



Too Hard To Handle by Julie Ann Walker

Release Date: September 1, 2015
Genre: Romantic Suspense

IMG_3306 “The Man” is back

Dan “The Man” Currington is back in fighting form with a mission that takes him four thousand miles south of BKI headquarters, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. He’s hot on the trail of a rogue CIA agent selling classified government secrets to the highest bidder, when Penni DePaul arrives on the scene. Suddenly the stakes are higher, and keeping Penni safe becomes Dan’s number one priority.

And this time she’s ready

A lot has changed since former Secret Service Agent Penni DePaul last saw Dan. Now a civilian, she’s excited about what the future might hold. But before she can grab onto that future with both hands, she has to tie up some loose ends-namely, Dan Currington, the man she just can’t forget. And a secret that’s going to change both their lives-if they can stay alive, that is.


Reading this Black Knights Inc. novel was like visiting a favorite friend. The groups lighthearted bantering is so much fun, especially amidst the chaos of battle. I was happy to see that Dan as emerged from his depression and was a big part of that camaraderie. Penni? I liked her right off and enjoyed the chemistry between the two. They didn’t fight their connection to each other even though outside forces sure threw a few curve-balls. And as always the dangerous action had a new edge that I always appreciate from Ms. Walker and combining it with the hot romance made another winner for me. I loved it.

*Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.



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✦1. HELL ON WHEELSKindle | Kobo | iBooksB&N Not Free
✦6. HELL FOR LEATHER | Review 5 Stars:
✦7. FULL THROTTLE ➢ | Review 5 Stars #TopFav2014



Signed Set of Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knights, Inc. Series

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imageJulie Ann Walker is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling Author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics. She’ll never say no to sharing a glass of wine or going for a long walk. She prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind, and she takes her coffee with milk. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

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Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Hell or High Water (Deep Six) by Julie Ann Walker


Hell or High Water (Deep Six, Book 1) by Julie Ann Walker

Publication Date: July 7, 2015

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Only two things could make former Navy SEAL Leo Anderson return to the world of weapons and warfare. First, a capsule of chemical weapons lost on the ocean floor, and second, a plea for assistance from the one woman he can’t seem to forget-CIA Agent Olivia Mortier.

Now, working together to race against the clock and a deadly terrorist faction, Leo and Olivia must find the missing capsule, all the while battling the intense desire burning between them. If they can survive, can their growing attraction become more than just a momentary flare?

Goodreads Link


I really enjoyed this debut novel for her new series. It immediately reminded me of a Clive Cussler novel but with the addition of a hot romance and a lighter flair. I absolutely love the members of the Deep Six team and how they have an easy camaraderie that kept me smiling. Of course they are all hot in their own way which makes me look forward to the next installments which can’t come soon enough. She also made the women well rounded and easy to identify with. My only comment would be that in the beginning, the description of Leo and Olivia’s attraction seemed a bit forced but that soon smoothed out. This story was action packed and thrilling from the start, full of humor and smoldering romance. A fun read all the way.

*Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review. 



Hi everyone! My name is Julie Ann Walker and I’m tickled pink to be here today talking about my BRAND SPANKING NEW romantic suspense series, Deep Six! It revolves around six newly retired Navy SEALs who just can’t seem to shake their past and the Navy SEAL motto that “the only easy day was yesterday.” Set in the Florida Keys, the series is filled with sun, sand, danger, intrigue, adventure, and plenty of half-dressed alpha hotties. LOL! Sound like a good time? I guarantee it is! And I guarantee you’re going to fall in love with these six men.

Take Leo “The Lion” Anderson. With his sun-streaked, sandy blond hair and perpetual tan — not to mention those hazel eyes and beard stubble — he’s sure to win your heart. And that’s before you get to his no-bullshit, take-command-of-any-situation attitude and the fact that he’s trying to fulfill his father’s dying wish.

Then there’s Brando “Bran” Pallidino. A native New Jerseyan, Bran grew up on the mean streets of Newark. He’s rough. He’s tough. And his Italian-American heritage means he comes complete with soulful brown eyes, a face that belongs on billboards, and a love for good food and good wine. (That last part means his beer-loving teammates give him a lot of grief. *wink*)

You won’t be able to resist Mason “Monet” McCarthy. As a boy from Beantown, Mason learned to use the F-bomb in really colorful ways. He’s big. He’s burly. He’s not the kind of guy you’d like to meet in a dark alley. Yet his thick black hair and crystal blue eyes soften what would otherwise be an entirely intimidating appearance.

Who doesn’t love a country boy? Dalton “Doc” Simmons was born and raised in Montana. He’s a lean, mean, fighting machine, with a face that’s all angles as if it’s been carved down to its barest essentials by a hot, stinging prairie wind. Doc has a tragic past. And he’s fighting to come to terms with it.

Next up is Ray “Wolf” Roanhorse. Wolf’s Cherokee heritage makes him strikingly handsome, with a blade of a nose, high cheekbones, flashing black eyes, and a lush, beautifully-shaped mouth. Born into poverty on a reservation in Oklahoma, Wolf has more than himself to worry about. He has his whole family depending on him. But if anyone can shoulder that burden, it’s Wolf.

And last but certainly not least, we have Spiro “Romeo” Delgado. Romeo likes to play up that whole Latin-lover thing. And with his swarthy skin, precisely trimmed goatee, and honed physique, he does a pretty good job of it. But that’s just what’s on the surface. Underneath it all, Romeo is desperately trying to make up for the mistakes of his past.

See? What did I tell you? You love them already, don’t you? Read on for a bonus scene from HELL OR HIGH WATER where you get to meet all of the Deep Six heroes!





Family isn’t only determined by blood, but by those who stand by you, fightin’ for you. By those you stand beside and fight for…

That was the thought that drifted through Leo “The Lion” Anderson’s head when he looked around the warped wooden table at his men. Correction—the minute those five wild-ass SEALs snapped their final salute to the Navy and followed him to the Florida Keys to join him on his quest for high seas adventure and the hunt for untold riches, they stopped being his men. But they would never stop being his family. If they all lived for a hundred years, the bonds of the blood, sweat, and tears they’d shed together would never come unbound. They were too strong, forged in the fiery crucible of too many wars and missions to count.

“Yo, man!” Brando “Bran” Pallidino leaned close to be heard above the twanging voice and guitar licks of the singer on the stage. The six of them had spent the day in Key West, gathering supplies and finishing up some repairs on Wayfarer I—the leaking, rusty salvage boat Leo had inherited from his father. And now they were enjoying beers and dinner at Schooner Wharf bar, the open-air establishment that saw more than its fair share of revelers, crusty sea captains, and miscreants who’d come to the end of the road in a bid to fall off the map completely. “That brunette in the yellow bikini top and flowery skirt over by the taps keeps giving you come-and-get-me-big-boy looks.”

Leo glanced at the woman and sure enough. Slam! Her gaze collided with his and there was a definite suggestion glowing in her big, dark eyes. “I think she wants you to poke her hontas,” Bran concluded.

Leo scowled at his best friend as a subtle breeze drifted in from the water, mixing the smells of fish and marine fuel with the sweeter aromas of boat drinks and barley hops that continuously flowed from behind the bar. “How long have you been keeping that little gem in your pocket?” he asked Bran.

“Came up with it just this minute.” Bran grinned, wiggling his eyebrows. “My mind,” he continued, “is as nimble and as fertile as a…”

Leo held up a hand. “Don’t finish that analogy. I can already guess what your mind is as nimble and as fertile as.”

“Personally,” Doc said from Leo’s opposite side, twirling the ever-present toothpick in his mouth in a wide circle, “I would have gone with, ‘I think she wants you to engage her in a little gland-to-gland combat.’” Dalton “Doc” Simmons had one of those tough Midwestern faces. But right now it was split in a gleeful grin that made him look almost boyish. It was damn good to see Doc smiling. For too many years he hadn’t.

“She wants you to rock her casbah!” Spiro “Romeo” Delgado piped up from across the table, never one to miss an opportunity to toss in his two bits.

“Churn her butter,” Ray “Wolf” Roanhorse added after plunking his Budweiser bottle down on the table. He turned and slow-winked at the bird in the yellow bikini. Leo watched the brunette’s eyes widen, her head cocking like a cat considering a canary. With his Cherokee heritage, Wolf was the embodiment of the original American warrior. His visage equally fierce and—according to the lady at the hardware store this morning—beautiful. She’d breathed the word while staring all googly-eyed at Wolf.

“And you?” Leo turned to the last remaining man at the table. “What ridiculous euphemism have you come up with tonight?”

Mason “Monet” McCarthy was as big as a mountain, and just as silent. Usually. But even he couldn’t resist joining in. “She wants you to rumble in her jungle,” he said. His south Boston accent making it sound more like rahmble inna jahngle.

And that’s the thing about family, Leo thought with a shake of his head as he slid on his aviator sunglasses despite the fact that the sun had slipped beneath the western horizon. One minute they’re standin’ with you against the world. The next minute they’re bustin’ your balls.

And he wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially since the good-natured ribbing, immature as it might be, was proof positive they were all slowly crawling out from under the thick blanket of mourning that had descended over them, heavy as a death shroud when—

“Yo, man,” Bran interrupted his thoughts. “You better stake your claim. If you don’t, Wolf’s gonna stake his.”

“He’s welcome to it,” Leo said, leaning back in his chair and picking at the label on his Budweiser with the edge of his thumbnail. “’Cause I’m takin’ a pass on this one.”

Bran groaned and took a long slug of his beer.

“What?” Leo demanded, frowning. “What’s that uuuugh for?”

“Just that I coulda guessed as much.” Bran shrugged a shoulder, his holey tank-top accentuating the strength and sinew of his bare arms. According to Bran, if the sun’s out, the guns are out. Bran’s unending supply of tank tops had become a running joke between all of them. Leo’s balls weren’t the only ones that received a regular busting. Every man’s in the group were fair game.

“And why would you have guessed as much?” he raised a brow.

Bran leveled him with a look that called into question the validity of his IQ tests. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“No,” Leo shook his head, feeling his temper flicker to life. What the hell was Bran getting at? Luckily—or unluckily?—he didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“It’s just that this seems to be your new modus operandus,” Bran said.

“What does?”

“Eschewing the soft ministration and willing company of bar bunnies,” Doc interjected.

Leo scowled over at him, then swung his gaze around to each man at the table. They all wore the same expression of agreement.

Okay, and this is one of those times I wish these assholes weren’t my family. Because he could certainly do without them being all up in his goddamn business.

“First off,” he said in his own defense, “after all that runnin’ around today, I’m too tired to sweat, much less do anything else. Secondly, when you start talkin’ bar bunnies, I only have one thought.”

“What’s that?” Wolf asked, only giving him half his attention. The other half was securely focused on Miss Yellow Bikini Top who, having quickly picked up the disinterest Leo was laying down, was now giving Wolf all her come-and-get-me-big-boy looks.

“Hippety hoppety herpes is on its way,” Leo said, his lips twitching when Wolf blanched and swung around to attempt to fry his eyebrows off with a look.

“You really know how to spoil it for those of us not currently hung up on…” Wolf trailed to a stop.

The hair on Leo’s head tried to crawl off his scalp. Wolf didn’t need to finish. Leo knew where he was heading. “I’m not hung up on anyone,” he insisted, disgusted to realize he was trying to convince himself more than the guys. An image of Special Agent Olivia Mortier flashed before his eyes. Black hair. Blue eyes. A slightly crooked front tooth that never failed to make his dick twitch. There was just something about that tooth. That tiny imperfection amidst so much beauty only seemed to enhance her appeal. Maybe because it made her real. A real, live, hot-blooded woman with a mind like a steel trap, a wit that was as sharp as a tack and—

Fuck. Maybe he was hung up on her. The wall he’d built up in his mind, the one that was supposed to keep memories of her at bay, was proving frustratingly weak.

“If that’s what you have to tell yourself, cabron,” Romeo said.

Leo sat there, a muscle twitching in his jaw. He refused to respond for nearly thirty seconds. He knew it was thirty seconds because he calculated that for every two seconds that passed he came up with a new way to assassinate the men at the table. He’d totaled out at fifteen.

“You should see your face,” Doc said, the salty sea breeze causing the ends of his shaggy hair to riot. “You look like someone shoved a cactus up your ass.”

“And yo, man,” Bran slung an arm around his shoulders, “there’s no reason to get all hot under the collar.”

“The only reason my collar is hot is ’cause your sweaty arm is around it,” Leo grumbled, shrugging off Bran’s brotherly embrace and taking a hasty swig of beer. Thoughts of Olivia always made him feel punchy. Talking about her, even obliquely, made him feel…something. It was like if horny and confused got together with uncomfortable and had a threesome his current emotional state would be the unholy offspring of the encounter.

“I was born on a farm where we used lots of fertilizer,” Doc said, seemingly apropos of nothing.

Leo turned to him. “And that’s relevant to this because…?” He made a rolling motion with his hand.

“Because it means I know bullshit when I smell it.”

Bran grabbed his belly, crowing like the idiot he was. “You shoulda known better than to ask, bro.”

Leo was considering the most painful way to wipe the grin from Bran’s face when Mason said, “You fuckers need to back the fuck off and leave him the fuck alone.” The man rarely spoke, but when he did his sentences were littered with F-bombs. Mason once told them that was the Southie way. The word fuck could be used as every part of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs…

“Of course you’re the one to jump to his defense when it comes to rebuffing the babes,” Bran scoffed.

“Now what the fuck’s that supposed to mean?” Mason demanded, the vein running up the center of his forehead beginning to pulse.

“How long has it been since—”

Leo figured he better cut Bran off before he went any further. Number one, because Leo could see the bull’s eye was about to slide off his chest and attach itself to Mason’s. And since Mason had come to his rescue…well, then turn about was fair play. And number two, because Leo knew just how much talk of Mason’s past—and the effect Mason’s past was still having on his present—bothered him. “Gentleman,” he said, “I think it’s best of we table this topic of conversation.”

To his great delight, right at that moment their waitress appeared with a tray laden with chicken wings and conch fritters, two of Key West’s official delicacies. “And speakin’ of tables, wait ’til you see what’s about to be laid on ours.”

With a flourish the waitress unloaded the tray. She’d barely stepped back before the feeding frenzy began. As the flavor of buffalo sauce mixed with hops and barley on Leo’s tongue, he once again looked around at the five men who’d been with him through thick and thin. The five men who’d bugged out of the Navy with him after they all made that soul-shaking promise to a dying brother to start living life.

Ones that weren’t filled with death and destruction. These meatheads might be a constant pain in Leo’s ass, but they also happened to be a constant comfort and an unending source of entertainment.

Like family, his mind circled back to its original topic. And it gave him a sense of peace. A sense of contentment. A sense of…urgency. Because they were all depending on him to come through with the big score. He felt the weight of that responsibility as surely as an anchor chain around his shoulders. They’d all made that promise, and now it was up to him to help them make good on it.

Letting his gaze skim out over the marina, he watched as the boats bobbed gently with the tide. Their metal fittings caught the rays of the full moon and glinted as sweetly as the treasure Leo and the guys were ready to start hunting. The Santa Cristina, that legendary ghost galleon, the holy grail of sunken Spanish shipwrecks…she was out there. Somewhere.

And come hell or high water, we’re goin’ to find her…



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imageJulie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. She has won the Book Buyers Best Award, been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award. Her latest release was named a Top Ten Romance of 2014 by Booklist. Her books have been described as “alpha, edgy, and downright hot.” Most days you can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Way of the Warrior Homecoming Tour


Way of the Warrior Homecoming Tour


Way of the Warrior

by Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, and Lea Griffith

Release Date: May 5, 2015


Kindle $6.15

Amazon PBK $7.99

B&N (PBK $7.99/ Nook $6.15)

Kobo $6.55

iBooks $7.99

 imageEIGHT PASSIONATE LOVE STORIES ABOUT AMAZING MILITARY HEROES BY AUTHORS Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

To honor and empower those who’ve served, all author and publisher proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2002 and provides a wide range of programs and services to veterans and service members who have survived physical or mental injury during their brave service to our nation. Get involved or register for programs and benefits for yourself and your family online at



 Suzanne Brockmann on “Home Fire Inferno”

I write about a SEAL team, so my military heroes tend to show up in a rather large group! And although Home Fire Inferno focuses on Navy SEAL Dan Gillman (whose wife, Jenn, is about to have a baby!), you’ll also see quite a bit of Izzy Zanella, along with Mark Jenkins, Jay Lopez, and the inimitable Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok. Readers will also get to meet the SEAL with the face of a serial killer and the intriguing nickname HoboMofo . . . who happens to live with his mother and his ten-year-old daughter. But all the SEALs in this story would be in full agreement that family is the one word answer to the question “What is your military hero/ine most excited about returning to after active duty?”

Honoring love and family is a long-held tradition in the U.S. Navy. A ritual called the First Kiss is still practiced for ships returning to their homeports. (Google “US Navy first kiss tradition” to see pictures that will brighten your day!) All married sailors, officer and enlisted alike, can take part in a lottery in which the winner is the first to disembark, greet, and kiss his or her spouse after many months away from home. It’s a huge deal, with boatloads of ceremony involved. This is the big, bad U.S. Navy, part of the most powerful military force in the world. But everyone—from admirals to seamen recruits—unabashedly recognize that the most important part of their homecoming lies in the arms of the men and women waiting for them.


Julie Ann Walker on “Hot As Hell”

Despite running missions to the ass ends of the earth, Navy SEAL Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright from Hot as Hell is a family man at heart.  Born and raised in Atlantic City, he longs for the sea when he’s conducting sorties in the desert.  Hankers for the boardwalk when he’s belly deep in some bog in the jungle.  And craves a slice of Tony Bologney’s pizza when he’d eaten one-too-many MREs – meals ready to eat – to count.  So when Michael gets time off from missiles and mayhem, you can bet your bottom dollar he races home to be with his two brothers and his mother and father. Together, they make a night of pizza, walks along the boardwalk, salt water taffy, and some tossing of the dice at one of Atlantic City’s seaside casinos.  It’s a bit of normalcy in a life that’s otherwise filled by the extraordinary.  A bit of fun in a world Michael knows can be full of horror and woe.  A bit of life to go along with so much death.  Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright lives for those moments, for those homecomings.  They’re what he fights for…    


Catherine Mann on “In Plain Sight”

Tech Sergeant Gavin “Bubbles” Novak isn’t known for a sparkling wit, but his steely eyed focus on the job has made him the go-to guy in the most stressful of pararescue missions. Until a fateful military mission leaves him blind and ends his Air Force career. With nowhere else to go, he returns to his small Kentucky hometown with his seeing-eye dog and takes a job as a 9-1-1 operator. His first day on the job brings a voice from the past, the only woman who has ever blasted through that tough shell to reach his soul – his high school sweetheart Stacie Curry. She’s being stalked by her abusive ex-husband and he’s broken into her home.

Stacie Curry thought she made the safe choice in marrying the hometown boy rather than leaving with brooding outsider Gavin. But her decision has led to a nightmare existence. Since her divorce, she is stalked and terrorized by her ex. When she calls 9-1-1, she’s stunned to hear Gavin’s deep voice on the other end of the line. And when she sees him face to face afterward, she’s shocked – and heartbroken – to learn he’s blind. But she soon finds Gavin will let nothing stand in the way of protecting her.

Learning to overcome the loss of his sight and his Air Force career, Gavin comes to her rescue, protecting her, helping expose her ex … and rekindling their old romance with a blazing-hot flame.


Tina Wainscott on “Beauty and the Marine”

Once the gorgeous golden boy of his small Georgia town, Marine Griff Tate returned home scarred from an explosion in Afghanistan. Now, the only people he sees are his family and the out-of-towners he takes hunting and fishing on their private acreage. Griff thinks that all he wants is to be with his family in the comfort of the woods in which he spent his youth.  He can barely look at himself in the mirror—how can he expect a woman to want to wake up to his ugly mug every morning?  But even a battle-scarred veteran needs love … even if he doesn’t know it!


Anne Elizabeth on “SEALed with Passion”

Navy SEAL LT Cmdr Jonah Melo has his feet back on American soil. That’s when the itchy-need begins–to get back into the action and/or to fill his time with something useful. Luckily, he’s got an opportunity to jump in and do a building project for the Wounded Warriors. This particular house is special because it’s going to be the home of his long-time friend Kevin Toms. Melo has participated in a lot of builds before, but seeing his buddy in a home that enables his happiness and mobility is going to top the list of experiences. If only he could be as blessed in love as he is in friendship.


M.L. Buchman on “NSDQ”

U.S. Army Captain Lois Lang knows only one thing, flying combat search-and-rescue helicopters into the heart of the battlezone and getting her people back out. And when a CSAR mission gone wrong forces her to make the ultimate sacrifice—for her it isn’t a choice. Her crew and the wounded they’ve recovered always come first.
But the battle that awaits her will test her limits. She can learn to walk again, but she must discover the strength to face what to do when she can’t fly.


Kate SeRine on “Torn”

During his deployment, the thing that kept Joe Dawson going was the thought of returning home to Sadie—his best friend since childhood and the woman he’s been in love with for as long as he can remember. But a mission gone wrong has left him scarred—both inside and out. And when he and Sadie finally share an unexpected moment of passion, Joe has a hard time believing that Sadie could have feelings for the damaged man he has become and worries that her heart is being ruled by pity and not love.

Those doubts are compounded now that he’s set to resume his duty as a deputy sheriff. With his father and three brothers already making names for themselves with successful law enforcement careers, the pressure’s on, leaving Joe torn between honoring the family tradition and leaving behind the only career he’s ever known outside the military.


Lea Griffith on her inspiration for “War Games”

There are many things I could tell you about my stepfather. He married a wonderful woman with a tiny, 6 year old girl from a previous marriage who still wondered why her daddy couldn’t be a daddy—and then he became a stepfather and helped raise her. A strict disciplinarian he nevertheless was giving to a fault. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War. (Side note: he refused to call it a “conflict”. He always said, “When people kill people like we killed people that’s a goddamn war.” Finally, I guess I’d tell you he was one of the most tortured souls I have ever known. In the midst of his torment, the nightmares and flashbacks, the anger that always simmered just below the surface there was a strength to be admired and it is that strength that makes him one of my heroes.

My stepdad was born and raised in a little town called Tennille, Georgia. It’s nothing but country with field after field of corn and cotton and country folk living a simple life. When young men came of age they either went into the family business of cotton and corn or they went into the service and this is the route William Thomas Howell, Jr. took. He entered the Air Force and lost any innocence he might have once had running tactical rescue and recovery missions in Vietnam of which he would say nothing about. I remember asking him what war was like and he refused to answer. Then one day when he was talking about Vietnam—not the war, mind you, but the country itself—I asked him what he missed the most about home when he was “in country”. He smiled and for some reason my gut clenched and I remember wishing I hadn’t asked the question. But then he answered and I had to smile with him. “Lightning bugs,” he said. “Lightning bugs and Coca Cola.”

My stepdad passed away almost nine years ago. He has missed the births of several of his grandchildren and the marriage of one of his children. But in the midst of his loss, he left a legacy that includes perseverance, giving and most of all a love of Coca Cola.

Oh, and the lightning bugs. I cannot forget the tiny bugs with the “lights in their butts”. It seems the smallest bug made a light big enough for my stepdad to yearn for. They make me smile every time spring comes. And yes, because he made me smile with his longing for lightning bugs I taught my girls how to catch them and put them in a mason jar for a little while before you release them. This more than anything else has helped me remember him.  


I liked the length of the stories as they were perfect to get into the story yet short enough to fit in during lunch.  It was like an artistic dessert at a fancy restaurant.  Very satisfying but leaves you wanting more.  I have a few new authors on my TBR list now.

Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker was a fun exciting story of two people I liked immediately.  They both find themselves in a dangerous situation overseas and her fun southern attitude matched the big hearted SEAL.  I can’t wait for this new series.

In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann was a story about two people who each have physical and emotional scars but find a way to come together to help each other.  An action packed and heartfelt romance that I enjoyed very much.

Torn by Kate SeRine revolved around a National Guard soldier returning to his civilian life.  His emotions were realistic and wove nicely with the exciting and scorching romance.

War Games by Lea Griffith had an interesting start for the hero but boy did I warm up to him and the CIA operative he falls for.  It was a sexy and dangerous story that keeps you guessing.  I think it’s an intro to a new series and it sounds like a good one.

Beauty and the Marine by Tina Wainscott was about a scarred soldier returning home and how he deals with the outer and inner scars.  He finds himself in a humorous situation with a beautiful woman and that helps to put things in perspective.  The story was exciting, cute and sexy.

NSDQ by M.L. Buchman was about a wounded female soldier and how she deals with coming home.  A very nice romantic journey back to living life to the fullest.

Sealed with Passion by Ann Elizabeth was all about the Wounded Warrior Project and the people it touches.  A sweet light romance that will make you smile.

Home Fire Inferno by Suzanne Brockmann had a great view of military wives and how they deal with the home front situations during deployments and the support system they have.  It was full of drama and friendship, making it a true feel-good story.


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Suzanne Brockmann
Suz Brockmann is the award-winning author of over fifty books, and is widely recognized as one of the leading voices in romantic suspense. Her work has earned her repeated appearances on the New York Times bestseller list, as well as numerous awards, including Romance Writers of America’s #1 Favorite Book of the Year and two RITA awards.


Julie Ann Walker
Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense. Her books have been described as “alpha, edgy, and downright hot.” Most days you can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.


Catherine Mann
USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann specializes in military romances with over 50 books in print. A RITA winner, she has also won the Bookseller’s Best Award. Catherine’s books have been widely released internationally including in Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Australia, and Japan. She lives with her husband, who is a combat veteran and retired Air Force Colonel, near Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle.


Tina Wainscott
Tina Wainscott has always loved the combination of suspenseful chills and romantic thrills. She’s published fifteen romantic suspense novels, as well as ten paranormal romances as Jaime Rush. Losing her nephew, a Marine, in the war made her realize that our military men are really the perfect heroes. Not only during the war but afterward as they try to stitch their lives and souls together once they’re home.


Anne Elizabeth
New York Times bestselling author Anne Elizabeth is an award-winning romance author and comic creator. With a BS in business and MS in communications from Boston University, she is a regular presenter at conventions as well as a member of The Author’s Guild and Romance Writers of America. Anne lives with her husband, a retired Navy SEAL, in the mountains above San Diego.


M.L. Buchman
M. L. Buchman has over 30 novels in print. His military romantic suspense books have been named Barnes & Noble and NPR “Top 5 of the year” and Booklist “Top 10 of the Year.” He also writes thrillers, fantasy, and science fiction. In addition to his career as a corporate project manager he has: rebuilt and single-handed a fifty-foot sailboat, both flown and jumped out of airplanes, designed and built two houses, and bicycled solo around the world. He is now making his living as a full-time writer on the Oregon Coast with his beloved wife.


Kate SeRine
Kate SeRine (pronounced “serene”) is a hopeless romantic who firmly believes in true love that lasts forever. So it’s no surprise that when she began writing her own stories, Kate vowed her characters would always have a happily ever after. Kate lives in a smallish, quintessentially Midwestern town with her husband and two sons, who share her love of storytelling. She never tires of creating new worlds to share and is even now working on her next project.


Lea Griffith

Lea Griffith began sneaking to read her mother’s romance novels at a young age. She cut her teeth on the greats: McNaught, Woodiwiss, and Garwood. She still consumes every romance book she can put her hands on, but now she writes her own. When not working as a Practice Manager for an Internal Medicine Physician, you’ll find her at her keyboard, writing. She loves romance and nothing is off-limits when it comes to her muse. Lea lives in rural Georgia with her husband, three teenage daughters, two dogs, a cat, and a Betta fish named Coddy George.





P.A. DePaul & Julie Ann Walker

Soundtrack for SHADOW OF DOUBT
By P.A. DePaul

Thank you Reading in Pajamas for hosting Julie Ann Walker and I today!! And what an excellent topic too!! I love music. It can lift and capture a mood so completely, I’m always on the lookout for songs for my stories. I’m not sure about you, but when I watch movies and shows, a well place song (be it orchestral or lyrical) I’m taken deeper into a scene. (I’ve also been ripped out of a scene when the musical director picks a song that really misses the mark, but we won’t concentrate on that.  <wink>)

In Shadow of Doubt, six years ago Cappy (commanding officer of Delta Squad, a black ops unit working for a clandestine agency) rescued Michelle (civilian) from the torturous clutches of a Colombian cartel, and now she explodes back into his life as a murder suspect. The sparks are explosive and consuming…and they’re also dangerous as hell. He doesn’t want to believe she did it, but with each new bit of evidence, he suspects her innocence may be a ruse—a beautiful trap set by a woman who has even more secrets yet to bare.

So…what type of soundtrack did I put together for Cappy and Michelle? Great question! Here ya go:

Tracy Chapman – “The Promise” This is Cappy and Michelle’s love song and an absolutely beautiful love song that couldn’t be more perfect for them. It’s a promise from one lover to the other that she’ll wait for him if he promises to return to her. These lyrics say so much about Cappy and Michelle finally getting a chance at happiness since they were robbed of it six years ago: “Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace. I’ll find my way back to you, if you’ll be waiting.”
Link: (first video)   

Trapt – “Bring It” This is the kick-ass anthem for Shadow of Doubt! Interesting thing about this kick-ass song is that both sides can claim it. Cappy and Delta Squad can say it’s their anthem just as Griffin and Victor (our villains) could throw it back at Delta and the Senator.

Art of Dying – “Die Trying” This song captures Delta Squad’s commitment to getting the job done. It’s also Cappy’s personal anthem (I don’t want to spoil his story but let’s just say his family will never realize just what a sacrifice he made to keep them safe).

Keith Urban – “For You” Yup. This list wouldn’t be complete without this song. Keith wrote this for the Act of Valor movie and it moves me every time I hear…Every. Time.  He really captures the closeness and unity of a team forged by the life-and-death battles they face together—this applies to both Cappy and Michelle as well as Delta Squad.

So, there you have it. A few songs out of the many thousands I’d include on the soundtrack. Do you have a song you’d add to the list? Sweet! Let us know. We’d still love to hear your thoughts on my selections or answer whatever questions you may have! Don’t be shy.

Shadow of Doubt (SBG #2) by P.A. DePaul

Series: SBG
Book: Shadow of Doubt, SBG #2
Published: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Penguin Intermix
Format: ebook
Genre: Romantic Suspense

imageWhen her secretly filmed tryst shows up on the internet, Michelle Alger goes on the run. She has no choice. Not only was her one-night stand the son of a US senator, but he’s been murdered—and she’s the number one suspect. With both the senator and an avenging drug lord on her trail, her life is in danger. There’s only man she can trust. He saved her once, but will he still be her hero six years later?

Captain Jeremy Malone and the rest of Delta Squad have the senator’s order: find the mystery woman who killed my son. But to Jeremy, she’s no mystery. Six years ago his team of Green Berets rescued her from the torturous clutches of a Colombian cartel, and he’s never forgotten her. His personal and covert mission: find Michelle before anyone else. When he and Michelle do meet again, the sparks are explosive and consuming. They’re also dangerous as hell.

Because with each new bit of evidence, Jeremy suspects that Michelle’s innocence may be a ruse—a beautiful trap set by a woman who has even more secrets yet to bare.


Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iTunes | Goodreads

imageAbout the Author

P.A. DePaul is a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense. She originally hails from Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. She currently resides in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia. Exchange of Fire is the first novel in the SBG series with the second novel, Shadow of Doubt, releasing April 2015.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest


Soundtrack for HOT AS HELL
by Julie Ann Walker

Anyone who reads my books knows I love music.  My characters often quote it or reference it.  Classic rock, contemporary, pop, country, you name it.  I listen to it.  So it should come as no surprise that for every novel I write, I always come up with a soundtrack.  The same is true for my short story HOT AS HELL that appears in the WAY OF THE WARRIOR anthology.  (All author and publisher proceeds go to support the Wounded Warrior Project!)

HOT AS HELL stars Harper Searcy, a diplomatic secretary who works for the Ambassador to Pakistan.  When her embassy is bombed and overrun by extremists, the only man who can save her is Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright, the Navy SEAL she’s determined to keep at arm’s length.  (Of course, she doesn’t, and smexy times commence.  Natch.)

So without further ado, I give you the soundtrack to HOT AS HELL…  

1.) I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler
Because our plucky heroine definitely needs a hero.  LOL!

2.)  The Warrior by Patty Smith
Because our hunky hero is definitely a warrior.  And he’s definitely “shootin’ at the walls of heartache. Bang! Bang!”  

3.) Fearless Heart by Steve Earle
The chorus says it all.  And sums up Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright in one go.  “I got me a fearless heart.  Strong enough to get you through the scary part.  It’s been broken many times before.  A fearless heart just comes back for more.”  

4.) We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place) by Rihanna
With the embassy overrun by terrorists and war raging around them, Harper and Michael definitely find love “in a hopeless place.”

Way of the Warrior Anthology

w/ Julie Ann Walker

imageBook: Way of the Warrior Anthology
Published: May 5th,  2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: ebook, print
Genre: Romantic Suspense

EIGHT PASSIONATE LOVE STORIES ABOUT AMAZING MILITARY HEROES BY BESTSELLING AUTHORS: Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

To honor and empower those who’ve served, all author and publisher proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.


Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Goodreads

imageAbout the Author

Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. Her books have been described as “alpha, edgy, and downright hot.” Most days you can find Julie on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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