Review Requests

Please contact Cori via email if you would like us to review a romance book. We accept hardcopies and electronic copies.

Please note we only review romance books and all requests can not be accepted. We only select books we think we will enjoy. I read each request and file them but can’t respond to all of them individually due to the number of requests (we prefer to focus our time on reading and talking about books). I will only respond if it is a book we would like to review and have room in our reading schedule for it. I sometimes go back through the filed requests later if we have free time. Please provide the following information to help us determine if we would like to review your book. Thank you!

Please provide these details with your request:

  • Title
  • Release Date
  • Amazon Link
  • Goodreads Link
  • Synopsis

Please answer these questions: 

  1. Romance Genre (contemporary romance/ paranormal romance/ erotica romance/ new adult romance/ romantic suspense)
  2. Does the story have a HEA?
  3. Is there any cheating? If so what kind?
  4. Is it part of a series or is it a standalone?
  5. Is there a cliffhanger? If there is a cliffhanger when will the next book be released and how many books will be in the series?
  6. How many pages?
  7. How would you describe your book? (Angsty, Sweet, Hot, Emotional, Funny, etc.)
  8. Published with Publishing house or Self-Published? If self-published has the book been sent to an editor?



Cori’s Email:

Twitter: @readingpajamas
Instagram: @readinginpajamas



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