P.A. DePaul & Julie Ann Walker

Soundtrack for SHADOW OF DOUBT
By P.A. DePaul

Thank you Reading in Pajamas for hosting Julie Ann Walker and I today!! And what an excellent topic too!! I love music. It can lift and capture a mood so completely, I’m always on the lookout for songs for my stories. I’m not sure about you, but when I watch movies and shows, a well place song (be it orchestral or lyrical) I’m taken deeper into a scene. (I’ve also been ripped out of a scene when the musical director picks a song that really misses the mark, but we won’t concentrate on that.  <wink>)

In Shadow of Doubt, six years ago Cappy (commanding officer of Delta Squad, a black ops unit working for a clandestine agency) rescued Michelle (civilian) from the torturous clutches of a Colombian cartel, and now she explodes back into his life as a murder suspect. The sparks are explosive and consuming…and they’re also dangerous as hell. He doesn’t want to believe she did it, but with each new bit of evidence, he suspects her innocence may be a ruse—a beautiful trap set by a woman who has even more secrets yet to bare.

So…what type of soundtrack did I put together for Cappy and Michelle? Great question! Here ya go:

Tracy Chapman – “The Promise” This is Cappy and Michelle’s love song and an absolutely beautiful love song that couldn’t be more perfect for them. It’s a promise from one lover to the other that she’ll wait for him if he promises to return to her. These lyrics say so much about Cappy and Michelle finally getting a chance at happiness since they were robbed of it six years ago: “Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace. I’ll find my way back to you, if you’ll be waiting.”
Link: (first video)   

Trapt – “Bring It” This is the kick-ass anthem for Shadow of Doubt! Interesting thing about this kick-ass song is that both sides can claim it. Cappy and Delta Squad can say it’s their anthem just as Griffin and Victor (our villains) could throw it back at Delta and the Senator.

Art of Dying – “Die Trying” This song captures Delta Squad’s commitment to getting the job done. It’s also Cappy’s personal anthem (I don’t want to spoil his story but let’s just say his family will never realize just what a sacrifice he made to keep them safe).

Keith Urban – “For You” Yup. This list wouldn’t be complete without this song. Keith wrote this for the Act of Valor movie and it moves me every time I hear…Every. Time.  He really captures the closeness and unity of a team forged by the life-and-death battles they face together—this applies to both Cappy and Michelle as well as Delta Squad.

So, there you have it. A few songs out of the many thousands I’d include on the soundtrack. Do you have a song you’d add to the list? Sweet! Let us know. We’d still love to hear your thoughts on my selections or answer whatever questions you may have! Don’t be shy.

Shadow of Doubt (SBG #2) by P.A. DePaul

Series: SBG
Book: Shadow of Doubt, SBG #2
Published: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Penguin Intermix
Format: ebook
Genre: Romantic Suspense

imageWhen her secretly filmed tryst shows up on the internet, Michelle Alger goes on the run. She has no choice. Not only was her one-night stand the son of a US senator, but he’s been murdered—and she’s the number one suspect. With both the senator and an avenging drug lord on her trail, her life is in danger. There’s only man she can trust. He saved her once, but will he still be her hero six years later?

Captain Jeremy Malone and the rest of Delta Squad have the senator’s order: find the mystery woman who killed my son. But to Jeremy, she’s no mystery. Six years ago his team of Green Berets rescued her from the torturous clutches of a Colombian cartel, and he’s never forgotten her. His personal and covert mission: find Michelle before anyone else. When he and Michelle do meet again, the sparks are explosive and consuming. They’re also dangerous as hell.

Because with each new bit of evidence, Jeremy suspects that Michelle’s innocence may be a ruse—a beautiful trap set by a woman who has even more secrets yet to bare.


Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iTunes | Goodreads

imageAbout the Author

P.A. DePaul is a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense. She originally hails from Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. She currently resides in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia. Exchange of Fire is the first novel in the SBG series with the second novel, Shadow of Doubt, releasing April 2015.

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Soundtrack for HOT AS HELL
by Julie Ann Walker

Anyone who reads my books knows I love music.  My characters often quote it or reference it.  Classic rock, contemporary, pop, country, you name it.  I listen to it.  So it should come as no surprise that for every novel I write, I always come up with a soundtrack.  The same is true for my short story HOT AS HELL that appears in the WAY OF THE WARRIOR anthology.  (All author and publisher proceeds go to support the Wounded Warrior Project!)

HOT AS HELL stars Harper Searcy, a diplomatic secretary who works for the Ambassador to Pakistan.  When her embassy is bombed and overrun by extremists, the only man who can save her is Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright, the Navy SEAL she’s determined to keep at arm’s length.  (Of course, she doesn’t, and smexy times commence.  Natch.)

So without further ado, I give you the soundtrack to HOT AS HELL…  

1.) I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler
Because our plucky heroine definitely needs a hero.  LOL!

2.)  The Warrior by Patty Smith
Because our hunky hero is definitely a warrior.  And he’s definitely “shootin’ at the walls of heartache. Bang! Bang!”  

3.) Fearless Heart by Steve Earle
The chorus says it all.  And sums up Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright in one go.  “I got me a fearless heart.  Strong enough to get you through the scary part.  It’s been broken many times before.  A fearless heart just comes back for more.”  

4.) We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place) by Rihanna
With the embassy overrun by terrorists and war raging around them, Harper and Michael definitely find love “in a hopeless place.”

Way of the Warrior Anthology

w/ Julie Ann Walker

imageBook: Way of the Warrior Anthology
Published: May 5th,  2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: ebook, print
Genre: Romantic Suspense

EIGHT PASSIONATE LOVE STORIES ABOUT AMAZING MILITARY HEROES BY BESTSELLING AUTHORS: Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

To honor and empower those who’ve served, all author and publisher proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.


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imageAbout the Author

Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. Her books have been described as “alpha, edgy, and downright hot.” Most days you can find Julie on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting us today! And thank you Julie Ann for joining me!
    Two of my favorite topics are books and music! 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts. 😀

  2. Great lists! Love that Keith Urban song. If you ever get a chance to see him, do it. He is awesome! Julie Ann’s list has some old school! Takes me back to my high school/college days! 🙂

  3. Great song selections. A Keith Urban fan, saw him in concert years ago, when he was still pretty new on the music scene. Would love to seem him in concert again.

  4. Thank you so much for having me on Reading In Pajamas! And thanks PA for letting be tag along on your blog tour for your ah-mah-zing new book, Shadow of Doubt!

  5. So much information in one post. I love the song choices. Thanks fr sharing all this info with us. I can’t wait to read PA’s books.

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