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✦Mine To Have (Mine – Romantic Suspense Book 5) by Cynthia Eden #CR #RS ➢ $2.99 Kindle http://geni.us/2Hte | B&N http://bit.ly/1y24ycG | Kobo http://bit.ly/1uNACLE
✦Danger and Desire: Ten Full-Length Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels by Pamela Clare, Katie Reus, Amber Lin and Carolyn Crane #CR #RS ➢ $0.99 Kindle http://geni.us/owg | B&N http://bit.ly/1tTDcmf | Kobo http://bit.ly/1m5UrOx
✦Raced: (Reading Companion to the bestselling Driven Series) (The Driven Trilogy Book 4) by K. Bromberg #CR #ER ➢ Kindle $2.99 http://geni.us/3a4d | Amazon PBK $8.09 http://geni.us/1Agy | Kobo $2.99 http://bit.ly/1qOhKfZ
✦Melancholy (Jokers’ Wrath MC Book 2) by Bella Jewel #CR #NA ➢ Kindle $2.99 http://geni.us/SF8 | B&N $2.99 http://bit.ly/1uxf4ok | Kobo $2.99 http://bit.ly/1sQFUHs
✦Playing for Passion: A Limited Edition Collection of Bestselling Sports Romances by Carly Phillips, Toni Aleo, Chelle Bliss and V.K. Sykes #CR ➢ $0.99 Kindle http://geni.us/PvU | B&N http://bit.ly/Xix74E | Kobo http://bit.ly/1uCo7mW

✦Forever Starts Tonight (Loving on the Edge Series) by Roni Loren #CR #ER ➢ $2.99 Kindle http://geni.us/3Dlj | B&N http://bit.ly/1wsZeNQ | Kobo http://bit.ly/1wkLOAz
✦Risking It All by J. M. Stewart #CR ➢ Kindle $3.79 http://geni.us/419V | B&N $3.99 http://bit.ly/1qUnq74 | Kobo $3.99 http://bit.ly/1AN6zpa
✦Saved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs Book 2) by Cat Johnson #CR #RS ➢ $0.99 Kindle http://geni.us/1YQL | Kobo http://bit.ly/1uCgdtN
✦Outfoxed by Love (Kodiak Point Book 2) by Eve Langlais #PNR ➢ Kindle $3.99 http://geni.us/3f25 | Amazon PBK $8.09 http://geni.us/1fX1 | B&N $3.99 http://bit.ly/1uxjuM4 | Kobo $3.99 http://bit.ly/1qA8sWf
✦The Certainty of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence Series Book 5) by Jessica Sorensen #CR ➢ Kindle $4.99 http://geni.us/E8R | B&N $4.99 http://bit.ly/1tRHW8k | Kobo $4.99 http://bit.ly/Xip3AW
✦Once Haunted, Twice Shy (The Peyton Clark Series Book 2) by H.P. Mallory #PNR ➢ Kindle $3.99 http://geni.us/qeV | Amazon PBK $9.99 http://geni.us/2PyZ
✦Wild Ride: Invitation To Eden (Ready To Ride Book 2) by Opal Carew #CR #ER ➢ Kindle $2.99 http://geni.us/SJ6
✦Scandal and the Duchess (Mackenzies Series Book 2) by Jennifer Ashley #HR ➢ $1.99 Kindle http://geni.us/2tRz | B&N http://bit.ly/1qVxhuZ | Kobo http://bit.ly/YIMRiI
✦Served Cold (Best Revenge) by Marie Harte #CR ➢ Kindle $3.44 http://geni.us/2r2b | B&N $4.49 http://bit.ly/1wtdnL0
✦Pleasure Point: Invitation to Eden (San Francisco Dom Series Book 3) by Eden Bradley #ER #CR ➢ Kindle $2.99 http://geni.us/1XK7
✦Reasonable Doubt Full Series (Episodes 1, 2, & 3) by Whitney Gracia Williams #CR #ER ➢ Kindle $3.99 http://geni.us/3Ad2
✦Tall, Dark and Paranormal: 10 Thrilling Tales of Sexy Alpha Bad Boys by Stephanie Julian, Lori Handeland, Opal Carew and Laura Kaye #PNR ➢ $0.99 Kindle http://geni.us/3yx0 | B&N http://bit.ly/1wkQLcD | Kobo http://bit.ly/1oLk6rx
✦Seven Wicked Nights: A limited edition box set of sexy historical romance novellas by Courtney Milan, Caroline Linden, Tessa Dare and Sherry Thomas #HR ➢ $0.99 Kindle http://geni.us/1GCX | B&N http://bit.ly/1y2y4iD | Kobo http://bit.ly/1q43Jpx
✦Captured Boxed Set: 9 Alpha Bad-Boys Who Will Capture Your Heart by Opal Carew, Cathryn Fox, Eve Langlais, T. J. Michaels, Teresa Morgan, Sharon Page, Mandy Rosko, S. E. Smith, Pepper Winters #CR #PNR ➢ $0.99 Kindle http://geni.us/49iV | B&N http://bit.ly/1s4OoXu

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#CR – Contemporary Romance
#PNR – Paranormal Romance
#RS – Romantic Suspense
#NA – New Adult Romance
#ER – Erotica Romance
#YA – Young Adult Romance
#UF – Urban Fantasy Romance
#FR – Fantasy Romance
#HR – Historical Romance
#SFR – Science Fiction Romance