Review: SWEET LOVE (Forever Adirondacks) by Lauren Accardo 

SWEET LOVE (Forever Adirondacks Book 2) by Lauren Accardo 

Publication Date: September 28, 2021

Genre: Contemporary Romance


45E82450-511C-4E69-ACF9-2C02CF16FDEBFalling for your best friend might be a recipe for disaster, but this small-town baker can’t help jumping from her pie pan into the fire.

Mila Bailey has always had a special talent for creating unique, show-stopping pies. But until her great-aunt leaves her the entry fee to the Pine Ridge Spring Bake-Off, she’s only ever shared them with friends and family. Thrust into the spotlight, Mila is determined to prove to everyone—but mostly herself—that she has what it takes to compete with top-level bakers. There’s only one flaw in her plan: The not-so-half-baked feelings she’s starting to develop for her best friend, Jared Kirkland.

Jared has always believed in Mila’s gifts, but lately he’s struggling not to fantasize about sampling more than just the spoon from the batter. No matter how much he tries to tell himself that Mila is not for him—his dreams have always reached beyond Pine Ridge—he can’t deny this new spark between them.

Mila embodies Pine Ridge, and Jared wants to break free. How can either of them move on knowing the loves of their lives have been right under their noses all along?



I enjoyed this contemporary romance. A friends-to-lovers story is always fun when the author can clearly show their long relationship without it feeling forced. The banter and camaraderie between them, and their friends, made me smile. I did get quite frustrated with both Jared and Mila during the progression of their romance. His visceral reaction to anything leading to marriage – his and others – was a bit absurd to me. At times, Mila’s reactions to Jared made me growl. However, they managed to have a steamy build to their relationship that I enjoyed. I liked my trip to Pine Ridge and look forward to visiting again. I’m hoping the next installment is for a certain new addition to this lovely town.

*Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review.




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Lauren Accardo is a romance novelist based in New York City and represented by Eva Scalzo at Speilburg Literary Agency. She loves pancakes, print magazines, karaoke, and her stand-up-comic husband. Not necessarily in that order. Her debut novel WILD LOVE is available from Berkley Romance.

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