Review: BEYOND POWER by Connie Mann

BEYOND POWER (Florida Wildlife Warriors, Book 2) by Connie Mann

Publication Date: September 1, 2020

Genre: Romantic Suspense


F5BD28AE-0F01-4B4E-B7E5-B81B4A14D7CFA slow-burn sultry romantic suspense set in Florida’s untamed wilderness filled with mystery, action, and adventure…

When your heart’s involvged.
If you dare venture beyond Disney’s magic and Miami’s high-rises, you’ll find yourself in Florida’s untamed wilderness. A bush pilot and officer for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Josh Tanner is one of the tough cops needed to manage these rugged areas. And the minute he finds Delilah Atwood deep in the woods without a good explanation, he knows something is very wrong…

All the stakes are raised…
Delilah barely escaped her ultra-fundamental militia family years ago. Now she’s back to save her sixteen-year-old sister, and no government man is going to stop her. Josh isn’t going to stand by and watch Delilah risk her life, but unless he can get her to trust him, she may end up being the next victim.


This was a fun, tension filled romance that kept me turning the pages. It helped that I liked Delilah and Josh from the start. They are both complex, yet relatable and I couldn’t wait for them to give in to the romance. The suspense part of the story kept me on edge wondering where the next incident would come from. Some of the situations may seem a bit farfetched in this day and age, but since it isn’t in my realm of experience, I went along for the ride and let it flow. Fast paced, action filled, and sweet romance….a nice combination. I can’t wait for book 3!

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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About the Author

Connie Mann is a licensed boat captain and loves writing romantic suspense stories set in Florida’s small towns and unspoiled wilderness. She is the author of Beyond Risk, (Florida Wildlife Warriors #1), the Safe Harbor series (Tangled Lies, Hidden Threat, Deadly Melody), as well as Angel Falls and Trapped! She has lived in seven different states but this weather wimp has happily called the Ocala area home for more than twenty years.

When she’s not dreaming up plotlines, you’ll find “Captain Connie” on the Silver River, introducing boats full of schoolchildren to their first alligator. She is also passionate about helping women and children in developing countries break the poverty cycle and build a better future for themselves and their families. Besides boating, she and her husband enjoy hanging out with their grown children and extended family and planning their next adventure.

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