Review: WOLF UNDER FIRE (STAT Book 1) by Paige Tyler


WOLF UNDER FIRE (STAT Book 1) by Paige Tyler

Publication Date: May 26, 2020

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense


04BB01DD-1FE6-4A52-97FB-892F804A7CE5For the cases no one else can solve, they send in the Special Threat Assessment Team

Supernatural creatures are no longer keeping their existence secret from humans, causing panic around the globe. To investigate, monitor, and—when necessary—take down dangerous supernatural offenders, an international task force was established: The Special Threat Assessment Team.

STAT agent Jestina Ridley is in London with her team investigating a suspicious kidnapping. Over her radio, Jes hears her teammates being savagely attacked. She runs to help, but she’s too late. The only survivor, Jes calls for backup and gets former Navy SEAL and alpha werewolf Jake Huang and his new pack. Convinced that the creature who butchered her teammates was a werewolf, Jes doesn’t trust them. But if they’re going to uncover the facts and make it back home alive, she’ll need Jake’s help. And with everything on the line, Jes will have to accept Jake for who he is, or lose the partner she never expected to find…


Donna 5 Stars

This spin-off from the SWAT series promises to be a lot of fun. International intrigue, inspired danger, espionage, romance, and sex. The fast-paced action was not dimmed by the normal world-building in a new series, it flowed nicely as the newly formed group got to know each other. I only have one tiny issue. Jestina was a trained operative thrust into the world of supernatural creatures, then put into a team of werewolves to help combat the bad creatures. Why was she not trained or informed about werewolf physiology and behavior prior to joining the team? That seemed like a misstep to me.

I liked Jestina and understood her being uncomfortable around a pack of werewolves, I also liked that she was smart enough to learn and overcome her issues. She is smart, strong and kick-ass. Jake is the ultimate alpha and hero for this story. The classic strong hero with a heart of gold. They are both well matched and their complex personalities easily shine through during the story. I also enjoyed the new group they’re forming, each getting to know their teammates and learning to trust one another. I look forward to the next installment!

*Review copy provided NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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Paige is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She graduated from The University of West Florida with a degree in education in 2000, but decided to pursue a full-time career as a writer in 2004. Since then, she’s written over fifty books in several genres, including paranormal, contemporary, western, sci-fi and erotica. She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty, independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her stories of romance, adventure, suspense, passion and true love will leave you breathlessly panting for more.

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