Review: ALL SHE EVER NEEDED by Lora Logan



Publication Date: March 7, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance


73FEC7F8-A2CF-4FDE-9DB9-F1EA59D56F6DBecca thought she had it all figured out; accepted into one of the country’s most prestigious cooking schools, she was ready to leave home and begin the life she always imagined for herself. What she didn’t expect was meeting the one man who she could see herself giving it all up for.

Jameson was much more than a musician with a tough, tattooed exterior, he was the one person who wanted Becca to have all the things she wanted for herself. But once she leaves for school the distance between them becomes too great, and Becca decides that in order to create the life she really wants for herself, she has to leave him behind.

Following her vision, Becca finds herself in a whole new world and on course to becoming a professional chef. When she meets wealthy, Ivy League grad student, Maddox Spencer, he fits perfectly into the life she has imagined for herself.

But when the death of a close family member brings her back home, her worlds collide and she must choose between the life she’s always desired and the one man she could never live without.


Donna 4 starsThis book is almost a coming of age story. Becca goes off to culinary school to reach her life’s goal. Doing that means she left her brief fiery relationship with Jameson behind. Yes, she meets someone new at school. Even though she and Jameson broke up, I still frowned that she moved on with Maddox. No matter how great he was, I was still pulling for her first love. But boy, it sure illustrated how jumbled feelings can be in your early twenties. The thrill of new love, making mistakes, taking chances and living with regrets.

At times the story seemed to jump forward abruptly, not giving me a chance to really delve into some of the characters or situations. I think the timeline could have been condensed in places to make it flow easier. That didn’t stop me from tearing up and tensing at the emotional upheaval Becca went through. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see who she ended up with, and how it all worked out. I won’t give anything away, so will just say that I enjoyed the book and look forward to what comes next for this debut author.

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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About the Author

Not unlike many of her characters, Lora Logan is attracted to tough, tattooed men, and is lucky enough to be married to one! The mama of three Maltese puppies, she is an animal lover and can be found most days snuggling with them while reading or writing.

While Lora begins every story with an outline, her favorite part about writing is the fact that her characters usually steal the show. She happily follows behind with a pen in her hand as they choose their own trajectory.

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