Do your pets read with you?


Do your pets read with you?

My little Yorkie mix, Bonnie, is my reading companion. She gets jealous if I don’t pet her enough while I’m reading and will lay herself across my book, iPad or kindle. She usually positions herself next to me for pets when I pick up a book. She has good taste in books and usually falls asleep next to a hot cover lol.

If you have pics of your pets reading feel free to share:) Here’s Bonnie pup with books by authors: Gena Showalter, Erika Kelly, Nalini Singh, Jennifer Lyon, Erin Knightley, J. R. Ward, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.




2 thoughts on “Do your pets read with you?

    • I have a 20 year old Australian Shepard 🙂 She’s independent though. She was a rescue (literall rescued from some bad people who chained her up and hurt her by my dad. He snatched her one night after they burned her leg) and just likes to do her own thing and have her own space. She spends most of her time on the back porch. I have a doggy door that she can use to get back in when she wants and a soft bed for her inside but she likes it out there I guess.

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