Romance Heroes that would make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date


Romance Heroes that would make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date



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Winner chooses an ebook or Paperback ($7.99 or under) from our List. Winner will be selected Friday (2/17/17) by 6PM CST. EBOOK or Paperback paid for by Reading in Pajamas.

Note: You can choose any previous of upcoming book by the authors on our list if you haven’t read them. If you have read all of these you can take a rain check for the next release in the series.


img_6619✦Crossing Hearts (The Cross Creek Series Book 1) by Kimberly Kincaid
Review: | Kindle $3.99

Hunter knows how to romance and take care of his woman!



img_6620✦NIGHT PLAY (Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Blog Post: | Amazon | Amazon Series Link:

Who doesn’t want a sexy man to tell you that you’re beautiful and carry you off like a knight in shining armor? Vane would make the ultimate Valentine’s Day date!



img_6623✦The Plus One Chronicles Boxed Set by Jennifer Lyon
Kindle | REVIEWS:

Try book 1 FREE then grab box set if you like it. Box set is cheaper than buying the second two books for $2.99 each.

Sexy billionaire Sloane is one of my picks because he not only protects and takes care of his woman he teachers her to take care of and protect herself. Plus did I mention he’s an ex-UFC fighter? Yum! 



img_6624✦The Master (The Game Makers Series) by Kresley Cole
Review 5 Stars: | Kindle

✦Book 1: The Professional ➢ Reviews 5 Stars:
✦Book 2: The Master ➢ Review 5 Stars:
✦Book 3: The Player ➢ Review 5 Stars:

Any of these Russian brothers would make a great date, but Malcolm is my favorite! Yummy!



img_6625✦Lothaire (Immortals After Dark Series) by Kresley Cole
Amazon | Blog Post: | Amazon Series Link:

Lothaire literally rips his heart out for his woman! 



img_6626✦I Want You To Want Me (Rock Star Romance Series) by Erika Kelly
Review 5 Stars | Kindle

These rockstars would all make great dates but Derek is my favorite because he takes care of everyone around him. Plus he’s hot;)

✦Rock Star Romance Series by Erika Kelly✦
✦1. You Really Got Me ➢ Review 5 Stars | Kindle
✦2. I Want You To Want Me ➢ Review 5 Stars | Kindle
✦3. Take Me Home Tonight ➢ Review 5 Stars | Kindle
✦4. More Than a Feeling (Releasing 4/4/17) ➢ Kindle



img_6627✦Rock Chick Reawakening (1001 Dark Nights Novella) by Kristen Ashley
Review: | Kindle $2.99 | Amazon Series Link:

Marcus! He’s totally sigh worthy! He builds Daisy a castle! A castle! He’s the ultimate bad boy Prince Charming.



img_6630✦Sinner’s Creed by Kim Jones
Review: | Kindle

Dirk knows about love and sacrifice. He gives everything he has when he falls.

Note: I’d be careful reading reviews before picking up this book. My review is spoiler free but I think a lot of reviews are going to contain spoilers because of the storyline and ending. Spoilers would definitely ruin the reading experience.



img_6633✦The Beast: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
Review | Kindle | Amazon Series Link:

Rhage! If you’re a BDB fan you know why he’s a great date. He pampers and spoils his woman. Plus he can tie a cherry stem around his fang using his tongue;)



img_6637✦The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning
Amazon | Amazon Author Page
Blog Post:

Adam Black! The Dark Fairy! He sacrifices everything when he falls for his woman. I love him!



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