Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: FOR 100 NIGHTS: A 100 Series Novel by Lara Adrian


FOR 100 NIGHTS: A 100 Series Novel by Lara Adrian

Publication Date: January 16, 2017

Genre: Romantic Suspense


img_6505Avery Ross is living a dream. After struggling all of her life to make ends meet, a chance meeting with a powerful, darkly handsome man has catapulted her into a dazzling new world of penthouse luxury, elegant parties, and a wild, consuming passion with her billionaire lover, Dominic Baine. Nothing is out of his reach in business or in pleasure, yet the only woman he wants is her. Nick sweeps her to sensual heights she has never dared explore, commanding her body the same way he commands her heart. Yet Avery knows the fantasy she’s living cannot last.

With dark secrets and a dangerous enemy haunting her past, Avery must find a way to trust Nick with the truth before it destroys everything they share. But Nick is harboring secrets of his own as well. And when they come to light, Avery will be forced to decide if the love she feels for Nick is strong enough to endure a betrayal she may never be able to forgive.




Sunrise glistens on the meandering curves of the East River, the golden light of the August morning gilding the elegant hotels, mansions, and other prime real estate that surrounds verdant Central Park ninety-three stories below me. Lifting my head from my pillow, I sweep my bed-tossed tangle of blond hair away from my eyes, awed and breathless as I watch daybreak gently play over the city from my privileged vantage point far above it all.
I’ve been waking up to this view—in this bed on top of the world—for the past two weeks, yet I swear each morning is more spectacular than the last.
So are the nights.
As tempting as it may be to slip out from the silky sheets and savor the splendor of New York City’s waking skyline, my body is languid and flushed, my limbs too weak to move. All of my senses are still thrumming from an incredible predawn orgasm that’s only beginning to ebb.
I sigh in pleasure, and the firm, muscled arm that’s wrapped around me from behind flexes to pull me closer. Warm lips and a beard-roughened face nuzzles my nape with a kiss that sends wet heat licking through me, straight to my core.
The view from the penthouse of the tallest building in Manhattan is a jaw-dropper to be sure, but it’s the man holding my naked body against his who never fails to leave me amazed and breathless.
Dominic Baine.
He’s still inside me, his cock still erect even after the climax that had him shouting my name like a curse only moments ago. His hips move against my ass and I arch into his lazy thrust on a moan I don’t even attempt to bite back.
“So greedy, Ms. Ross. Such a sweet, demanding pussy you have.” He withdraws slowly as he speaks, each retreating inch a torment, a threat of loss that makes my walls clench around him in protest. I feel the vibration of his amused chuckle against my spine, his mouth teasing the sensitive skin behind my ear. “I’ve made you come twice since you woke up and you’re ready for me to fuck you all over again.”
Not a question. No pretense of propriety, despite the urbane polish of his deep voice or the fact that he’s one of the most respected, successful—wealthiest—men in the country.
We’re long past all of that now.
“Tell me, Avery,” he demands quietly, yet firmly, against the shell of my ear.
“I want you to fuck me, Nick. Right now. Again. I don’t ever want you to stop fucking me.”
“Good girl.” He rewards me with a tweak of my nipple as he pushes inside me all the way to the hilt.
I suck in my breath at the enormity of him, of how primal our need for each other is. It’s burned white-hot for nearly four months now, since the moment we first met—a chance encounter in this very building, then another, more provocative exchange at Dominion, the art gallery Nick owns on Fifth Avenue.
The same gallery where several of my paintings had hung unsold for more than a year before they were culled at Nick’s direction to make way for more promising artists.
I hadn’t realized Nick was Dominion’s owner that first night I ended up in his bed. As angered as I’d been to learn who he was a few days later, it hadn’t kept me from wanting him, or from falling headlong into the kind of carnal, consuming—infinitely intense—relationship I’d never had with any man before him.
Nothing had.
But then, to be fair, there were things Nick hadn’t known about me either. I’d been playing what I thought was a harmless game—pretending I was someone I wasn’t, letting him think I was someone better, someone without my ugly past and the onerous baggage that came with it.
I’d been acting like I belonged in Nick’s world when in reality I was a failed artist and struggling bartender living a temporary fairy tale existence as a house-sitter in his building.
For the first hundred days we were together, I let Nick believe all of my lies.
Even the worst ones.
When everything finally crashed down around me, I thought for sure he would be gone. Instead, he came after me. He found me. He forgave me.
And then he named his price for letting me back in.
One hundred nights.
For each day I deceived him, he demanded a night in return. He wanted all of me. In his bed. On his terms. At his total mercy.
I can’t imagine a more exquisite punishment. …


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About the Author


LARA ADRIAN is a New York Times and #1 internationally best-selling author, with nearly 4 million books in print worldwide and translations licensed to more than 20 countries. Her books regularly appear in the top spots of all the major bestseller lists including the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Indiebound,, Barnes & Noble, etc. Reviewers have called Lara’s books “addictively readable” (Chicago Tribune), “extraordinary” (Fresh Fiction), and “one of the best on the market” (Romantic Times).

Writing as TINA ST. JOHN, her historical romances have won numerous awards including the National Readers Choice; Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice; Booksellers Best; and many others. She was twice named a Finalist in Romance Writers of America’s RITA Awards, for Best Historical Romance (White Lion’s Lady) and Best Paranormal Romance (Heart of the Hunter). More recently, the German translation of Heart of the Hunter debuted on Der Spiegel bestseller list.

With an ancestry stretching back to the Mayflower and the court of King Henry VIII, the author lives with her husband in New England.

Visit the author’s website and sign up for new release announcements at

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