Guest Post: Harlequin Submission Call – Ooooh…Canada! Campaign


We Want Your Great Canadian Heroes!

Harlequin has an exciting new submission call, and Associate Editor Karen Reid can’t wait to tell us more!

We all know the basics of what makes a great romantic hero—he must be honorable, have a good heart and be easy on the eyes (of course!). Harlequin is happy to give our readers a variation of that hero in every romance we publish, but we recently realized that among the cowboys, millionaires, bad boys and men-next-door, there was something lacking. Something we needed more of. Then we figured it out—we need more Canadian romantic heroes! So we decided to begin a search for all those great Canadian men who have a story to tell and need a woman to love—which is where you come in!

From July 1 to September 12, 2016, we’ll be accepting submissions of your first chapter plus a 3-7 page synopsis to the Ooooh…Canada! campaign at

You can submit to any of the Harlequin series we publish; the only rule is that your story must feature an irresistible Canadian romantic hero. No problem, right? Because Canada is overflowing with inspiration from gorgeous actors (I’m looking at you, Ryan Gosling) to charming musicians (yep, that’s right…I’m talking about Drake) and dashing politicians (I don’t think I even have to name him, do I?).

Because when we talk about a Canadian romantic hero, we’re not only referring to strong, masculine hockey players—though more of those are always welcome! The Canadian hero can be many things. Perhaps he’s an up-and-coming politician in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, with hopes of making the world a better place while stealing your heart. Maybe he’s a world-class skier who has a cozy cabin in the hills of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, perfect for a snowbound romance. Or how about a handsomely rugged fisherman in small-town Nova Scotia who’s looking for that special woman to heal his broken heart? Of course, he could just be your heroine’s new neighbor…a very attractive neighbor who’s also a Toronto cop and the perfect male role model for the young son your heroine is raising on her own.

If that’s not enough to start fueling the imagination, be sure to check out our current series books at 

All entries to Ooooh…Canada! will be reviewed by Harlequin editors, with individualized feedback provided. This all wraps up soon, so don’t delay—get your submission in as soon as you can!

And please join us on Twitter as we pose the question “What makes a great Canadian hero?” We can’t wait to hear what you think! #Canadianromantichero

Follow Karen Reid on Twitter: @KReidAssocEd

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