Review: TY AND EDEN: A Red Team Wedding Novella (#4.5) by Elaine Levine

TY AND EDEN: A Red Team Wedding Novella (#4.5) by Elaine Levine

Publication Date: February 25, 2015


Weddings are the spice of life…

After reuniting with his bio dad, Cord Ryker, Ty Holt is all too aware of how easily life can change–for better or worse. He convinces Eden Miller to pin down their wedding plans and set a date, pronto!

And family drama’s the hot sauce…

When a woman from Cord’s past makes a startling accusation, the team discovers an unexpected new clue in the mystery they’re unraveling. Eden’s mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom, out for the nuptials, worry their daughter has fallen into the grasp of an insidious crime lord–a concern that Ty can’t, in all honesty, put to rest.

Note: TY & EDEN: A RED TEAM WEDDING NOVELLA (Red Team) is the 2nd novella in a serialized story that is expected to include nine installments. I highly recommend you read this series in order, starting with The Edge of Courage!


Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna

Rated 4.5 Stars

I am a big fan of the Red Team series and was glad she put this wedding in as a novella.  It was the perfect way to introduce Ty’s dad, Cord and serve as a nice segue to the next novel.  This is not a read-alone novella so the target audience would be those who have kept up with this hot exciting series.  I cannot wait for Red Team #5!

*Ebook purchased from Amazon for this review.



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Red Team Reading Order

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1) The Edge of Courage
2) Shattered Valor
3) Honor Unraveled
3.5) Kit & Ivy: A Red Team Wedding Novella
4) Twisted Mercy
4.5) Ty & Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella

About the Author

Elaine Levine lives on the plains of Colorado with her husband, a middle-aged parrot, and a rescued pit bull/bullmastiff mix. In addition to writing the Red Team Contemporary Western series, she is the author of several books in the Historical Western series Men of Defiance.

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