Review: HEAVEN BESIDE YOU (Drawn to the Rhythm) by Christa Maurice

HEAVEN BESIDE YOU (Drawn to the Rhythm) by Christa Maurice
Publication Date: January 5, 2015
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/Donna
Rated: 3.5 Stars


He’s her rock n’roll fantasy, but could he ever be more?

Half the year, Cassandra Geoffrey runs In The Pines Campground, and spends the other half alone on a West Virginia mountain. She’s not completely happy with the situation, but she loves her wacky, close-knit hometown. Besides, the man of her dreams isn’t likely to appear anytime soon-until Jason Callisto, lead guitarist for Touchstone, her ultimate fantasy crush, shows up. At her campground. It’s gotta be fate.

After being dumped by his supermodel girlfriend, Jason has been impossible to live with. Now he’s been exiled by his manager to West Virginia, before he breaks up the band on the eve of the Grammys. Clearly, Jason is Cass’s adventure of a lifetime. To him, she’s just an ego boost….Or is she? With so much at stake, can they take a risk and reach for more?

I nice romance about two strangers finding just what they’ve been searching for but afraid to admit it. I expected to have it full of a rock star’s life, but it was more about two people in the snow covered mountains and I loved that. It helped that I liked them both and enjoyed their interaction. The local color of the small community was realistic and fun, a nice addition to the story. The ending seemed a little rushed, but not enough to bother me too much. I needed an escape and I found it in this book.

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Kindle $3.19 | Amazon PBK $13.50 | B&N (PBK 13.36/ Nook $3.99) | Kobo $3.99

Christa Maurice is a serial obsessionist, but she has been obsessed with rock stars from early childhood when her older brother started randomly quizzing her on rock trivia. How many first graders know who the headliners were on the Black and Blue Tour? Christa did. (Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult.) In college she harnessed that intellect to spend lecture classes writing about the adventures of Touchstone in the margins of her notebooks. Now, thanks to an iPad, she can do the same thing more effectively during staff meetings and everybody thinks she’s taking notes.

When not listening to music and/or writing, she enjoys traveling, reading and science fiction. She liked to play a personal game of six degrees with television and movies (Amanda Tapping was a regular on Supernatural, before that she starred on Stargate SG-1. Marina Sirtis did a guest appearance on Stargate, but before that she starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation. All so on Star Trek was Colm Meaney. The man who played at her wedding went to school with Colm Meaney.) Yes, she probably should get a life, but at the moment she is living on and oasis in the middle of the desert in a place that is so very like Tatooine that she frequently expects to see banthas and sandpeople coming up over the dunes.



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