SCAVENGER HUNT: Excerpt & Giveaway – Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde

Today is day 4 of #ReapersStand Scavenger Hunt! All three of us at Reading in Pajamas are completely obsessed with this series! Reaper’s Stand is the fourth book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club and each book can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading them all. Our review is scheduled for October 10th and we’ll have a giveaway for y’all with that post too. I loved this book. Picnic is so yummy and the ultimate alpha male! Reaper’s Stand will be on my 2014 Favorites list and it’s my new favorite in the series. Picnic beat out Horse in my opinion;) Check out the exclusive excerpt below for a taste of Reaper’s Stand and enter the Rafflecopter. Be sure to go to each blog participating in the scavenger hunt to read the full excerpt. /Cori


As Reapers Motorcycle Club president, Reese “Picnic” Hayes has given his entire life to the club. After losing his wife, he knew he’d never love another woman. And with two daughters to raise and a club to manage, that was just fine with him. These days, Reese keeps his relationships free and easy—he definitely doesn’t want to waste his time on a glorified cleaning lady like London Armstrong.

Too bad he’s completely obsessed with her.

London is independent, and she likes it that way. Besides running her own business, London’s got her junkie cousin’s daughter to look after—a more reckless than average eighteen-year-old. Sure she’s attracted to the Reapers’ president, but she’s not stupid. Reese Hayes is a criminal and a thug. But when her young cousin gets caught up with a ruthless drug cartel, Reese might be the only man who can help her. Now London has to make the hardest decision of her life—how far will she go to save her family?

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✿Reapers Motorcycle Club Series by Joanna Wylde✿
✦#1: Reaper’s Property ➢ Kindle | Amazon Paperback | B&N (Paperback | Kobo
✦#2: Reaper’s Legacy ➢ Kindle | Amazon Paperback | B&N | Kobo
✦#3: Devil’s Game (June 3, 2014) ➢ Kindle | Amazon Paperback | B&N | Kobo
✦Check out our review for Devil’s Game that included an author interview:
✦#4: Reaper’s Stand (Releasing October 7, 2014) ➢ Kindle | Amazon Paperback | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

Exclusive Excerpt – Reading in Pajamas
Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde

“I hate you!” Jess snarled.
“For fuck’s sake,” Hayes said, his voice annoyed. “Get your ass out here, you little shit. I don’t have time for this and neither does London.”
“Screw you. I’m an adult. I can do whatever I want, and I want to stay here with Banks.”
The young man holding the door—presumably Banks—gave an incredulous snort. Hayes didn’t do anything, but somehow the air changed. Darkened. Jessica had made a very serious mistake and suddenly I felt scared for her. I reached over, catching his arm without thinking, my fingers curling into his warm skin as I whispered, “Please . . .”
Hayes glanced down at my hand, then caught my gaze, holding it captive.
“You owe me,” he said. “Because that little bitch doesn’t talk to me like that, you got it? Never again.”
He turned his attention back to Jess, whose face had started to reflect some concern. Maybe she was finally realizing this wasn’t a game?
“You get your ass out here and apologize to your cousin,” Hayes said, his voice so quiet and low I felt it all the way down my spine. “Then go downstairs and get in her car. You’re gonna drive home and you’re never coming out here again. You do, I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget—and don’t think for a second that smiling and flashing your tits will make a difference. I’ve seen it all before. We clear?”
Jessica nodded, eyes wide. She stepped out of the room, moving instinctively to stand behind me, as far from the Reapers’ president as she could get without making an obvious break for freedom.
“I’m ready to leave now, Loni,” she said quietly.
“Okay. Let’s get out of here.”
I turned to leave, but Hayes’s voice cut like the slash of a whip.
We turned back slowly. His stare flayed me, stripping through my defenses, and I realized he was much, much angrier with Jessica than I’d realized. Somewhere down in the depths of my brainstem the monkey screamed in fear, absolutely convinced a predator was about to eat us.
“Banks will take her down,” he said. “You and I aren’t done.”
The boy stepped out of the room quickly, pulling on his Reapers vest before catching Jessica’s arm and dragging her down the hallway. If you’d seen them from a distance, you’d almost believe they were a young couple holding hands . . . In reality, he was more like a guard escorting a prisoner.
“Thank you very much for helping me,” I told Hayes once they were gone, forcing myself to breathe slowly and steadily. Show no fear. “What did you want to talk about?”
“I want you at my place on Monday at three,” he said.
“We can work you into my schedule,” I said slowly. “But I don’t have my calendar with me. Can I get in touch with you tomorrow, when I’m not so tired?”
Definitely the best idea. Maybe I’d even find a way out of this, because I knew darned well going to his house by myself wouldn’t be safe. Not after seeing him like this—if anything, the man was more dangerous than all the rumors combined. He smiled at me wolfishly.

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Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

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