Spotlight & Review: Audible Audio Edition – The Proposition: The Plus Chronicles by Jennifer Lyon (Author), Ryan Hudson (Narrator)


✿NEW AUDIBLE RELEASE: The Proposition: The Plus One Chronicles [Unabridged] by Jennifer Lyon (Author), Ryan Hudson (Narrator)
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RATED: 5 Stars

I love this trilogy! I’ve read the series, but I wanted to give the audible a try too since I love the story so much. Ryan Hudson, the narrator, does an incredible job telling this story! He has an amazing voice and the way he delivers the story in different tones of voice really draws you in and makes you feel the story. He makes me want to search Audible for every romance he has narrated and listen to them all. Jennifer Lyon created a sexy and heart-wrenching romance and Ryan Hudson’s narration makes the reader really feel the emotions of her characters and it’s all delivered in a sexy voice. Hot! I loved it! My reviews for each book in this trilogy are listed below. I highly recommend it. It’s a heart-wrenching, emotional, love story about too people overcoming their past. The Plus One Chronicles was on our 2013 Favorite Romances List, but it’s a story that is going to stick with me and not be forgotten.

*Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Note about Audible Books: Books are great to listen to when your driving to and from work, doing stuff around the house, working out at the gym or any other time you can’t have a book in your hands, but want to read. I listen to them on my phone with ear buds, but you can pretty much download the app to any device.

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✦THE PROPOSITION (The Plus One Chronicles, Book 1) by Jennifer Lyon
Publication Date: February 26, 2013
Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 4.5 Stars

Rich, sexy and volatile, Sloane Michaels has a dark agenda that keeps his heart on ice. His extreme wealth gives him the control he craves and his skills as an ex UFC fighter the tools he’ll need to extract his ultimate revenge. But when the woman he never believed he’d see again crosses his path, Sloane is caught between the vengeance he needs and a sexual conquest he craves.

Kat Thayne has been in survival mode for six years, hiding behind the sweet creations for her bakery. But when a random carjacking brings her face-to-face with her darkest fears and hottest fantasy, Kat is forced out of hiding and offered a dangerously passionate proposition. One she knows she isn’t strong enough to refuse.

Loved it! I’ve missed Jennifer Lyon! I loved her Winged Slayer Hunter series. This book is part of a new series she started that will be 3 books. The ending left me really wanting the next book! Sloane is a hot alpha hero that is an ex UFC fighter and he owns a chain of training facilities. I thought Kat was a great female character. She is learning to protect herself after surviving an attack in her past. She doesn’t want to be dependent on a man. These two have smoking hot chemistry when they come together! This is a super steamy romance with a great plot. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a sexy romance book. I can’t wait for the next book!

✦POSSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles, Book 2) by Jennifer Lyon
Release Date: May 28, 2013
Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 5 Stars

Savagely sexy billionaire Sloane Michaels ruthlessly controls his life and everything in it. Even his sex partners are carefully negotiated plus-one arrangements, including his latest, the fiery bakery owner, Kat Thayne. But Sloane’s control is challenged when his mentor becomes seriously ill, and his need for Kat, his need to possess her at all costs, rivals only his single-minded goal of vengeance for the murder of his sister.

After surviving an attack six years ago, Kat Thayne escaped her fears in the protective world of her beloved bakery. Then Sloane Michaels storms into her life, making her feel beautiful, strong and sexy. Yet as Kat pushes her boundaries and uncovers a dangerous secret in her past, Sloane’s controlling side emerges. Worried that Sloane will possess her mind, body and soul, Kat fights to keep her hard won independence. But just as Sloane demands her complete surrender, she discovers he has a dark side that could destroy them both.

I love this series! Possession is the second book in The Plus One Chronicles and picks up where the first book, The Proposition, left off. The series should be read in order. The Plus One Chronicles is full of drama, danger, mystery, and smoking hot romance. Sloane is the ultimate sexy alpha male and pushes past all Kat’s barriers in this book. I love them together. Not only do they have chemistry and passion that will leave you sweating, but Sloane helps Kat become stronger and to get past her fears while also giving her the skills to protect herself. They both have tragedies in their pasts that are coming back into their lives in this book. Most women want to use Sloane for his money, power and connections. Kat is the first plus one relationship he has had that only wants the man, and this is making him want to possess all of her. Jennifer Lyon makes you really feel and love these characters. I can’t say enough good things about this series. They have everything I look for in great books. Possession has an intriguing plot, great characters, danger, mystery and a great love story. I loved it and can not wait for the third book, Obsession, to be released in September. Jennifer Lyon is one of my favorite authors because she always delivers a great romance story and she definitely delivered with Possession. I recommend this book, and this series for anyone looking for a great story with lots of smoking hot romance.

*Review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

✦OBSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles, Book 3) by Jennifer Lyon
Publication Date: October 10, 2013
Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 5 Stars

**Please Note: The Plus One Chronicles is a series of adult contemporary novels and are not intended for younger readers due to mature content.**

A PROPOSITION brings them together…Will an OBSESSION tear them apart?

In the explosive conclusion to The Plus One Chronicles Trilogy, obscenely rich, jaggedly handsome and still obsessed with love and vengeance, Sloane Michaels must face an impossible choice: lose the woman he loves or betray his twin sister’s memory.

Watching the man she adores destroy himself for revenge, Kat Thayne knows she should run and never look back. But running isn’t her way anymore. Kat has grown into a fierce fighter, and the man who helped her get there is the very man who needs her strength now. But as the sizzling passion and hard-won love bind Kat and Sloane even tighter together, old secrets and lies explode around them. Danger threatens. And Kat soon realizes that she’s risking more than her heart to be with Sloane…she’s risking her very life.

Loved It! I have been impatiently waiting for Obsession to read the conclusion of Sloane and Kat’s story and I was left happy and satisfied after finishing the final book in this trilogy. I absolutely loved this trilogy! From the first book to the last we’ve seen Kat grow stronger and heal from her attack with the the training and support Sloane has given her. I loved that Sloane taught her to protect herself instead of just relying on someone else to protect her. We’ve also seen Sloane battle with his own past and loss and that all comes to a final decision in this book. Sloane and Kat’s passion and love grow binding them together throughout their story. Jennifer Lyon really made me feel for and love these characters. Heart-wrenching, emotional, suspenseful and filled with danger and passion. This trilogy is incredible! Obsession is the perfect ending for The Plus One Chronicles.

*Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Jennifer Lyon, who also writes as Jennifer Apodaca, lives in Southern California where she continually plots ways to convince her husband that they should get a dog. After all, they met at the dog pound, fell in love, married and had three wonderful sons. So far, however, she has failed in her doggy endeavor. She consoles herself by pouring her passion into writing books. To date, Jen has published more than fifteen books and novellas, including a fun and sexy mystery series and a variety of contemporary romances under the name Jennifer Apodaca. As Jennifer Lyon she created a dark, sizzling paranormal series, and The Plus Once Chronicles, an emotionally sensual adult contemporary series. Jen’s won numerous awards and had her books translated into multiple languages, but she still hasn’t come up with a way to persuade her husband that they need a dog.



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