Review: Bound to be Dirty (Dirty Girls Book Club) by Savanna Fox

Bound to be Dirty (Dirty Girls Book Club) by Savanna Fox
Publication Date: February 4, 2014
Reviewed By: Reading In Pajamas/ Dawn
Rated: 4 Stars


As the women in the Dirty Girls Book Club open each new selection of erotica, they also open up their minds to sexual adventure…

Lily Nyland married sexy bad boy Dax Xavier because he made her dreams come true—in bed and out. But after a decade of marriage, her helicopter bush pilot husband spends more time in the remote wilderness than heating things up in her bedroom. The best sex she’s enjoyed recently comes from the Dirty Girls Book Club’s erotic selections.

Still, when the club chooses Bound by Desire, Lily’s skeptical. As a family practice doctor and a fiercely independent woman, the theme doesn’t exactly resonate with her. But then Dax, home for the Christmas holiday, startles her by spicing up their sex life with naughty tricks that make her wonder if he snuck a peek at her book. Even more shocking, Lily finds herself turned on by their erotic experimentation. Kinky sex may be enough to rekindle the passion in their marriage, but can it restore the deeper bonds of love and trust?


Great book and a different kind of romance. A married couple have to decide if they are enough for each other. Lily and Dax had been married for ten years. Lily and Dax focused on building their careers without realizing they had forgotten to focus on each other. Dax’s career kept him out of town for long periods of time. Lily spent the majority of her time at work, but had recently become part of a book club. Each month a member would pick a book and they would read it separately and discuss it. One month it was a book about BDSM. None of the members had read anything like it and Lily wasn’t anxious to get started. Dax came home for Christmas and decided it was time for him and Lily to talk and to figure out if their marriage was what each of them wanted anymore. Dax picked up Lily’s kindle and started reading the latest book club choice. This book got Dax thinking that maybe spicing up their sex life could help rekindle the magic they once shared. Lily and Dax spent a lot of time talking and experimenting about what they wanted for their future and if they wanted to be a part of each others futures. Would they learn to talk and trust each other again? Or was it too late? I enjoyed this steamy romance.

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