Review: Holiday Games (A Play-By-Play Novella) by Jaci Burton

Holiday Games (A Play-By-Play Novella) by Jaci Burton
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
Reviewed By: Reading In Pajamas/ Dawn
Rated: 4 Stars




All Elizabeth and Gavin Riley want for Christmas is a baby. Despite over a year of trying, conception hasn’t been successful. But for a high-achiever like Elizabeth, she must succeed at everything. That means making the very most of every opportunity with her husband. And when it comes to nonstop sex Gavin’s not really complaining. Exhausted, maybe…

Unfortunately, this holiday season they’re not exactly given a lot of private time. Elizabeth is hosting the holiday, Gavin’s sister is getting married, and the house is wall-to-wall with family. For Elizabeth and Gavin the nights may be chilly, but the urge is still hot. And they’re not about to let any distraction get in the way of their necessary pleasures during a holiday game that yields so many unexpected surprises.

Includes a preview of Jaci Burton’s upcoming novels Melting the Ice and Hope Flames.


Liz and Gavin want to have a baby. In this short book they make every effort to make it happen. With a cute story woven between a lot of hot sex it was a hot and quick read. Jaci Burton knows how to write great sex scenes and she didn’t disappoint in this book. I look forward to more books in this series.

*Review copy provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review.

($2.99) Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iTunes

The Play by Play Series by Jaci Burton ~ Reading Order
Book 1: The Perfect Play ➢
Book 2: Changing the Game ➢
Book 3: Taking A Shot ➢
Book 4: Playing to Win ➢
Book 5: Thrown By A Curve ➢
Book 6: One Sweet Ride ➢
Novella: Holiday Games – Coming November 19, 2013 ➢
Book 7: Melting the Ice – Coming February 2014 ➢
Book 8: Straddling the Line – Coming July 2014 ➢

Play by Play Series by Jaci Burton

» The Play by Play series is a steamy, sexy peek into the world of sports as seen through the Riley family. Mick Riley is a professional football player, his brother Gavin plays baseball. Their sister Jenna runs the family sports bar and doesn’t want anything to do with any guy involved with sports. Their parents are heavily involved in their lives and it’s a loving, tight knit family.

And I’m expanding the Play by Play series to include more characters beyond the Riley family. Hot, sexy, talented men who bonded together at college and remained friends beyond. I hope you’re going to love these men as much as you’ve loved and embraced my Riley family.

» I love sports. I have mad love for football, both pro as well as college. Come Fall you’ll find me planted in front of the television on the weekends to watch the Oklahoma Sooners play on Saturday and the St. Louis Rams play on Sunday. I grew up in St. Louis so Cardinals baseball has always been a big part of my life (Cardinals football was, too, before they moved to Arizona). I still remember as a kid watching one sport on television while my dad would listen to the other sport on the radio. I’m a big fan of NASCAR racing, and world cup soccer. My older son played soccer from the time he was five years old all the way through varsity soccer in high school. While I can’t catch a ball, kick a ball or throw a ball worth a damn, I love to watch it all.

» So having the chance to write a sports series has been a dream come true for me. And what better way to showcase my love for all things sports than to write this series. Hot, sexy, determined to have it all—their successes and their failures pave the way to the biggest win of their lives—that elusive happily ever after.

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