Giveaway Fund Update for October

OCTOBER UPDATE: we raised $101.61 for giveaways through the Amazon Affiliate program for the month of October. We’ll get a gift card for this amount in December (payments lag 2 months) so we’ll have to have a holiday week of giveaways or something in December to use all the giveaway money:) Thank you everyone! All money raised through this program we use for giveaways.
That means y’all spent $1391.07 in October and we get paid a payment of $101.61 for that. I’ll continue to post monthly updates to let y’all know how much y’all contributed towards the giveaways.

We fund most of our Giveaways through the Amazon Affiliate Program. When people use our buy links we get paid an advertising fee from Amazon in the form of Gift Cards. All money raised is used for giveaways. We have been posting weekly giveaways (usually on Fridays) and the new plan is to post 2 books one paranormal and one contemporary romance for the winner to choose from each week. This isn’t just for Kindle users. Our giveaways are always open to everyone. Nook and Kobo users can enter as well and we try to do paperbacks for people who don’t use ereaders occasionally. Here is a link with our affiliate code you can use when shopping if you would like to help support our giveaways. This doesn’t require you to pay additional money. Amazon will pay us for sending you their way:) Amazon Homepage:


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