SALE 99 CENTS: Ridgeville Series Vol. One by Celia Kyle

I love this series! Sexy and funny! If you’ve never read the Ridgeville series, now’s the time to give it a shot. For only $0.99, you can snare Ridgeville Series Volume One and it includes books 1, 1.5 & 2. That’s He Ain’t Lion, You’re Lion and Ball of Furry all for $0.99!

This price will only be around for a LIMITED time, so be sure to snag your copy today!

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“He Ain’t Lion” – Life sucks… And then you get turned into a werelion… Curvy Maya Josephs is looking for a little fun after a bad break up. When she meets the hotter than hot, super-sexy owner Alex O’Connell, the alpha lion shifter is just the man to fit the bill for a one-night stand.

“You’re Lion” – With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya’s not sure who she’s going to murder first: her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move (and annoying the living shit out of her), or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex. Screw it. She’ll start with the tigress and work her way back to the other two. Lucky for everyone involved, it’s a good thing Alex knows how to tame her inner she-cat…and make her purr.

“Ball of Furry” – Perfectly plump Carly has no need for a gorgeous hunk of werelion. But the hunky man pounces and claims her before she has the chance to say “no.” Furry bastard. As if her life isn’t crazy enough…it just happens to get that much crazier when someone decides they want her dead. Lovely

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