Facebook quote issue today…

Mini Rant: Facebook Book Quote posted without the Author’s name included on a non-book related Facebook page and shared without people knowing the quote comes from a BOOK

One of my favorite quotes is being shared around FB today, but it’s just the quote without the author’s name included so all these people are sharing it thinking it’s just some great words someone thought of and posted on Facebook, but they have no clue those great words came from a book. It was originally posted on a non-book page/ blog and when I read the quote they had posted (words were in a blue box minus the author’s name or title of the book) I recognized it because it’s a favorite of mine. Then I commented that it comes from a book and told them which one. I think it was shared 64 times and all these people don’t know the words came from a book. Anyway I think it’s sad that it’s being passed around without people knowing it’s a Sherrilyn Kenyon quote and they could be reading a great book that these awesome words came from so I’m reposting a Quote I’ve posted before with the Author’s name included.

Quote: Sherrilyn Kenyon ~ Acheron

*You can view additional Sherrilyn Kenyon Quotes here: http://wp.me/p3d0RZ-iI

7 thoughts on “Facebook quote issue today…

  1. Cori,
    I HAD to visit you after seeing your post on Facebook, because this issue made me so angry. So many authors’ words and books have been plagiarized and passed around with no respect for them or ensuring they are being compensated. Not giving them credit for quotes THEY wrote, amounts to the same thing.

    So, move on over on the rant bench, because I brought snacks and cocktails. Thank you for setting people straight and letting them know EXACTLY where the words they think are so “cool” came from.


    • Thanks Michelle. I originally just commented saying I recognized the words from a favorite author and said they should add the author’s name and the book title so if people like the quote they know where they can find the book. The post was really misleading because I think the person was just trying to sound unique, post a cool Facebook post and make it look like their own thoughts instead of a book quote. Since it was posted on a Facebook page that didn’t feature books people had no clue it was a book quote because they didn’t recognize the words the way I did. I got blocked from the person’s page. Hopefully people saw my comment before it was deleted. I didn’t think I was being offensive, but maybe they just didn’t want people seeing my comment.


      • They were embarrassed to be caught plagiarizing someone else’s work, and called out on their own page. If it weren’t so incredibly disrespectful, not to mention misleading, it would be funny.

        No wonder you got blocked. I wonder how many other people’s words have been misused that way. SMH

        You GO, girl! 🙂


  2. Cori. Thanks for taking a stand. It sucks that the beautiful quote didn’t have the authors name attributed to it. It really is a lovely quote. I don’t understand why they’d do that.


    • I really don’t get it either. All they had to do was post it WITH the author’s name attached. I commented In a nice way too. My first thought was they saw the words somewhere on the Internet and didn’t know what book they went with. Now I think they knew, but just didn’t care. I unliked the page, but I think they got a lot more followers yesterday due to the quote being shared 64 times.


  3. Thanks for taking a stand, Cori. This happens all too often. Shame on them for doing it in the first place and then refusing to correct it and blocking you! Let’s hope some karma comes around eventually.


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