Quotes: Sherrilyn Kenyon

“It’s easy to look at people and make quick judgments about them, their present and their past, but you’d be amazed at the pain and tears a single smile hides. What a person shows to the world is only one tiny facet of the iceberg hidden from sight. And more often then not, it’s lined with cracks and scars that go all the way to the foundation of their soul.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Shadows

“Don’t let those people steal your day”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“My father used to say that life is what you make it. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can’t change the past, but the future isn’t set in stone. You can effect a change there. Move forward not with hatred or love. Move forward with purpose. (Simone)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dream Chaser

“How could one sentence uttered in anger cause so much damage? But then words were the most powerful thing in the universe. Cuts and bruises always healed, but words spoken in anger were most often permanent. They didn’t damage the body, they destroyed the spirit. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“It actually dawned on me that I don’t fight. I just kill whatever annoys me, and it’s over. (Savitar)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Side of the Moon

“Sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon

“Nothing is ever truly set by fate. In one blink, everything changes. Even though it should be a clear, sunny day, the softest whisper into the wind can become a hurricane that destroys everything it touches. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sins of the Night

“Baby, it’s either laugh or cry and crying takes way too much energy. If you can’t find humor in the shit life heaps on you, you really will grow miserable.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Night

“Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. It’s what unites us. The trick is not to let it destroy your trust in others when that happens. Don’t let them take that from you.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Invincible

“And I flunked anger management the moment I put the counselor through a stone wall. You might want to keep that in mind. (Thorn)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bad Moon Rising

“You know, it’s amazing to me the wounds we carry for eternity. But what has fascinated me most these last few years is how the right person can heal them. I remember a wise man once said to me that everyone deserves to be loved. Even you. (Zarek)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“People destroy beauty when they find it. (Acheron)
How so? (Artemis)
By nature, people are petty and jealous. They envy what they lack and because they don’t know how to acquire something, they try to destroy anyone who has it. Beauty is one of those things they hate most in others. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“Life is a tapestry woven by the decisions we make.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kiss of the Night

“I learned a long time ago not to judge people by what they look like, sound like, or by the clothes they wear. Just because a house is nice and shiny out front doesn’t mean it’s not rotting on the inside. (Kyrian)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infinity

“You’ll never see the moments coming that will for ever mutilate your life-at least not until after they’ve mowed you down. -Savitar”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“I think infatuation is like a garden. If tended and cared for, it grows into love. If neglected or abused it dies. The only way to have eternal love is to never let your heart forget what it’s like to live without it. (Vane)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Play

“People aren’t just ants rushing around over a crust of bread. Every life, no matter how isolated, touches hundreds of others. It’s up to us to decide if those micro connections are positive or negative. But whichever we decide, it does impact the ones we deal with. One word can give someone the strength they needed at that moment or it can shred them down to nothing. A single smile can turn a bad moment good. And one wrong outburst or word could be the tiny push that causes someone to slip over the edge into destruction.”
— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infamous (Chronicles of Nick, #3)

“If you muster that courage to stand under fire and not go down, you will amass an inner strength that no one can touch. You won’t be another faceless, nameless, forgotten human in a long historical line of the defeated. You will be a steeled warrior, and a force to be forever reckoned with. And beneath the pain that lingers, you will have the comfort of knowing that you are strongest of all. That when others caved and broke, you kept fighting even against hopeless odds.” (Caleb)
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Inferno (Chronicles of Nick, #4))

“The depth and strength of our character is defined by our moral code. People only reveal themselves when they’re thrown out of the usual conditions of their lives. That’s when the truth of who they are is revealed…”
— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Shadows (The League, #4)

“Strength through adversity. The strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell. It is pounded and struck repeatedly before it’s plunged back into the molten fire. The fire gives it power and flexibility, and the blows give it strength. Those two things make the metal pliable and able to withstand every battle it’s called upon to fight. (Savitar)”
— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, #12)

“Acheron always says that our scars are there to remind us of out pasts, of where we’ve been and what we’ve gone through. But that pain doesn’t have to drive or determine our future. We can rise above it if we let ourselves. It’s not easy, but nothing in life ever is.” (Sundown)
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Retribution (Dark-Hunter, #20; Were-Hunter, #7)

“Life is gamble, It’s harsh and painful most of the time, and it’s not for the timid. Spoils go to the victor, not to the one who doesn’t even show up for the battle.” (Acheron)
— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Play (Dark-Hunter, #6; Were-Hunter, #2)

“There are some pains that run too deep for anything to absolve them. The best we can do is pick up the pieces and hope for the strength we need to keep going. (Acheron)
Is that what you do? (Tory)
No, I beat shit up – that helps even more. (Acheron)”
— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron (Dark-Hunter, #15)

“The worst wounds, the deadliest of them, aren’t the ones people see on the outside. They’re the ones that make us bleed internally.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infamous

“No one can ever make you feel inferior without your permission, Tory. Don’t give it to them. Realize that it’s their own insecurities that make them attack you and others. They’re so unhappy with themselves that the only way they can feel better is by making everyone as unhappy as they are. Don’t let those people steal your day, baby. You hold your head high and know that you have the one thing they can never take away from you. (Theo)
What’s that, Papa? (Tory)
My love. Your mother’s love and the love of your family and true friends. Your own self-respect and sense of purpose. Look at me, Torimou, people laugh at me all the time and say that I’m chasing rainbows. They told George Lucas that he was a fool for making Star Wars – they used to even call it Lucas’s Folly. Did he listen? No. And if he’d listened to them you wouldn’t have had your favorite movie made and think of how many people would never have heard the phrase ‘May the Force be With You.’ (Theo)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron

“I see time away hasn’t made you any more charming. (Fang)
Oh, I can be charming. I just choose not to. People start to think you like them, then when you stab them in the back, they take it so personally. Really pisses me off. (Thorn)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bad Moon Rising

“I can tell we’re going to get along like Batman and the Joker. (Fang)
Just remember one thing, world. I’m the best friend you’ll ever have or the last enemy you’ll ever make. (Thorn)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bad Moon Rising

“Watch your back, wolf. There’s a pall over this place and the bears are racking up enemies faster than Wal-Mart rakes in sales. When the time comes, it’s going to get bloody. (Thorn)
I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Fang)
Don’t be so arrogant. Long before I was the debonair sophisticate standing in front of you, I was a warlord. I put more blood on my blade than Madame la Guillotine. The one thing all that battle taught me is that no one walks away without scars. No one. (Thorn)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bad Moon Rising

“Our lives are marked and shaped by our regrets. Things we all want to take back and can’t. In a perfect world, we would never hurt the ones we love or cause hurt to befall them. But the world isn’t perfect and neither are we.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Styxx

“People make their own reality. That was what Praxis had taught him years ago. A hundred people can witness the exact same event, and give two hundred and three different accountings of it.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Styxx













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4 thoughts on “Quotes: Sherrilyn Kenyon

  1. Every time I read about Savitar in the Dark-Hunter series he always seems to snarky/sarcastic but at the same so deep/wise. I hope Sherrilyn Kenyon writes a novel for him soon. 😀 (And Jaden as well.)

    • Me too:) Sherrilyn Kenyon has said that both Savitar and Jaden will get a book similar to Acheron’s where there is a past and present. I can’t wait for Styxx! I hated him in Acheron’s story, but now it looks like there is another side to it. We are getting an advanced copy and will be doing a celebration on our FB page giving away a copy of Styxx. Kenyon is a favorite of Donna and mine! / Cori

      • Kenyon is the author that first got me addicted to paranormal romance and now it’s a genre I can’t get enough of!

        Woo hoo, can’t wait for the giveaway! I’m excited to read Styxx’s story, because I was in the same boat as you and absolutely hated him in Acheron’s novel – so Im excited to see how Kenyon is going to redeem him.

        The one character I think I’ll never like enough to be a lead is Artemis.

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