Spotlight, Excerpt & Giveaway: Beautiful Crazy (Rock ‘n’ Ink Book 1) by Kasey Lane


Beautiful Crazy (Rock ‘n’ Ink Book 1) by Kasey Lane 

Publication Date: November 1, 2016


img_5137“You confound me. You’re all these maddening contradictions that don’t make any sense… And I can’t get enough of your special brand of beautiful crazy.”

She’s a rocker with attitude and ink…
He’s a sexy suit who gets what he wants

Kevan Landry is trying to keep her life on track and her brother in rehab. If her fledgling marketing firm can sign the hot new band, Manix Curse, it will make a world of difference. Mason Dillon heads the most successful music PR firm in Portland. He’s desperate to breathe new life into the company by signing Manix Curse.

The last thing either one needs is a one-night stand with a smoldering stranger…

The stakes are high when a battle for the band—in the bedroom and the boardroom—becomes a battle of the heart. But if these two can set aside their differences, they may find they’re the right mix of sexy savvy to conquer both their worlds.



The squeak of the motor home door got his attention, and the real source of his discombobulation walked onto the RV and into the kitchenette.
“Ready to go?” she asked with an upbeat lilt to her voice. Was that courtesy of Jax? One more asshole’s teeth to kick in.
“Leave for Medford. Ben says any time.”
“Could you go up front and let him know we’re ready?”
When she returned, Kevan filled a glass with water before sitting across from him.
“I’m sorry,” they both started at the same time. Then she laughed, her voice as shaky as the hand gripping her glass.
He smiled. “Ladies first.”
“Look, I got a little carried away.” She ran her purple-tipped finger around the top of the glass, watching like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. “The music gets me amped up, and I forget how to behave sometimes. It won’t happen again.”
He should be relieved, really. Getting involved with her while they were on the road made everything much more complicated. He didn’t like complicated. Remember? He liked simple, honest, professional. Or, boring, as Kevan would call it.
“Promise?” he teased.
“Of course,” she snapped. “I’m sure I can manage to keep my hands off you.”
“Whatever you say,” he said, looking back at his computer screen, closing out GEM’s email server. He didn’t need Kevan learning his bosses had sent his protégé to undermine his progress. No telling how she’d take the news.
“What the hell does that mean?” Her glare made him want to smooth the lines on her forehead.
With his mouth.
“It means we made a deal, and I’ll keep to it. Unless…”
“Unless what?” She scrunched up her nose and tilted her head.
“Unless, maybe you’d like to break that part of the deal.” He held her gaze, his tone even, not wanting to give away his plan.
“What part? I’m not giving up on my band.” Her face flushed with the telltale sign of a woman ready to do battle. Yeah. He wasn’t going there, today. The RV was too small, and maybe her aim had gotten better.
“I just meant…oh, never mind.”
“What? Say it.” Her voice was husky.
“I thought maybe…” He started praying the warmth he felt creeping up his neck didn’t show as a blush. Because he didn’t blush. Not ever.
“What?” She got up and rinsed her glass in the sink. As she leaned her fine ass against the counter, the bus stopped short, sending her into Mason’s arms with a grunt.
“I got you, darlin’.”
She looked up into his eyes, her face so serious, and said, “This time you do, don’t you?”
He nodded and cleared his throat. “I’m starting to get used to you landing on me.”
Kevan’s lush body perched on his lap like it was custom-made to fit him. On impulse, he almost asked her to dinner on their first day off. Maybe it was best not to.
“I bet you are,” she said. God, the feel of her in his arms felt so fucking right as images of their bodies entwined flashed through his mind. He almost moaned when she looked away and struggled back to her feet, her ass wriggling right over his suddenly attentive cock. Fucking hell.
When she sighed and yawned, Mason reluctantly allowed her out of his hold.
“I need to get to ready for bed.”
Minutes later, she emerged from the small bathroom wearing a faded, holey Reverend Horton Heat T-shirt and sweats cut off at the knees. She’d wrapped her hair up in a knotted handkerchief and removed all her makeup. With the protective layer of paint gone, her skin glowed. Her freckled face looked young and sweet.
He couldn’t win. She had stunned him in her tight pinup dresses, but standing there without makeup, she devastated him in her sweats and grubby T-shirt. At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to strip her of her cute pajamas and fill her with his cock, brand her with his come, show her what she was doing to him.
Instead, Kevan moved toward the side bunk and said quietly, “Good night, Mason.” Then she pulled aside the bunk’s curtain and ducked inside.
He shut down his laptop, walked over to her bed, and bent over her bunk to brush a chaste kiss across her cheek. “Good night, darlin’.”


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About the Author

Award-winning debut author KASEY LANE writes sexy romances featuring music, hot guys with ink, kick-ass women, and always a happily ever after. A California transplant, she lives with her high school crush turned husband, two smart but devilish kids, two Papillons, three cats, and several chickens in the lush Oregon forest.

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