Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway – Bound: The Mastered Series by Lorelei James



Bound: The Mastered Series by Lorelei James
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Series: The Mastered Series (Book 1)
Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Dawn
Rated: 5 Stars


In the new Mastered series by New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James, a woman’s desire to shatter her inhibitions leaves her unprepared for where that erotic journey will take her….

Former small-town girl Amery Hardwick is living her dream as a graphic designer in Denver, Colorado. She’s focused on building her business, which leaves little time for dating—not that she needs a romantic entanglement to fulfill her. When her friend signs up for a self-defense class as part of her recovery after an attack, Amery joins her for support. That’s where she meets him.

Ronin Black, owner of the dojo, is so drawn to Amery that he takes over her training—in public and in private. The enigmatic Ronin pushes Amery’s boundaries from the start, and with each new tryst, Amery becomes addicted to the pleasure and to him. But when Amery senses Ronin is hiding something, she questions her total trust in him, despite the undeniable thrill of his possession….

Absolutely amazing! Bound took my breath away and left me wanting more. There was more passion in this book than I have ever read. Amery is a small town graphic designer that offered to take a self defense class to help her friend break out of her shell. Little did she know she would come face to face with Ronin Black. Ronin Black is the very definition of an alpha male. He is drawn to Amery from the moment he meets her. The passionate sex was blistering. I have never been so captivated by a book. The sex is unconventional, smoldering and unlike any of Lorelei James previous books. This book is definitely a cliff hanger that will leave to the reader anxiously awaiting the next book in this series. I can’t wait for the March release of Unwound.

*ARC provided by Berkley/NAL in exchange for an honest review.

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Lorelei James is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Blacktop Cowboys and Rough Riders series as well as the steamy new Mastered series. She lives in the Black Hills of western South Dakota with her family.

Visit her online at,, and


UNWOUND, The Mastered Series Book 2 by Lorelei James
Publication Date: March 25, 2014

…a man’s need for control is tested by the one woman he’ll risk everything for…

When sensei Ronin Black first encounters Amery Hardwick, the fire in her eyes ignites a sexual spark a thousand times better than the primal rush he used to get from mixed martial arts matches. She accepts his darker edges and admits to him that her desires aren’t as wholesome as he believed. And before long Ronin is grappling with emotions he’s never felt before…
Yet despite demanding Amery bare her body and soul to him, Ronin holds a part of himself back. When she learns Ronin’s secret and walks out, his life begins to unravel. To regain her trust he must let go of his pride and prove to her that it’s more than passion binding them together. But after their private pleasures are made public, Ronin is unsure if he’s the right man for Amery. Can they face the consequences together? Or will their differences rip them apart…


Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Ecstasy Unbound (Guardians of the Realms #1) by Setta Jay

Ecstasy Unbound (Guardians of the Realms #1) by Setta Jay
Publication Date: January 31, 2014
Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Donna
Rated: 3.5 Stars


As one of the twelve Guardians of the Realms, Urian has spent the last several centuries in a constant battle to keep the inhabitants of Earth’s Realms under control. Humanity needed to evolve, hell beasts needed to die, and Immortal races needed mates. Unfortunately, he found that he cared less about duty, and more about when his sexy voyeur would again grace the shadows to watch as he and his brother Guardian shared one of the human females frequenting the club. All Guardians were forbidden contact with the little goddess and her brothers, but his need for her was escalating. He found it more difficult than ever to keep from pinning her face down on the nearest surface, and making her his.

Alexandra and her brothers have avoided exile from the human Realm for centuries, ever since the Creators sent the Gods to sleep for their sins against humanity, and banished the Immortals. She has always known that she was needed on Earth. Only once had she gone against her instincts and the price she paid will forever haunt her. It is for that reason she forces herself to stay away from the only male that has ever truly enticed her. The only one that has ever made her flesh heat, and her stomach quiver with desire.

In desperate need to help her beloved brother, she will have to go to the enthralling Guardian, her dark obsession. He is her best hope to get the help she needs, even though he would surely attempt to exile her. She won’t go easily…

*Warning – This book contains explicit and sizzling sex scenes with big dominant males that like to share. MFM, ménage, and light bondage

The gods grew wild with their power and wreaked havoc and misery on the humans. Their creators, with the help of immortal warriors, imprisoned the evil gods and named 12 of the immortal warriors as guardians of the realms. Their job is to keep balance and protect the humans under their care.

Uri is one of those guardians. He is a fierce alpha male who demands being in control. His one weakness is the demi-god, Alex. She is a fierce warrior in her own right and the perfect match for his controlling nature. Although they fought their attraction, fate had other plans.
This is the first book in a new series that got a bit wordy on explaining the background of the story. But getting through all that is worth it. I found the story fun and exciting and the sex scorching hot. I like that it had a nice romantic side to go along with the unbridled passionate sex. A fun book that I had to finish in one sitting. I look forward to the installments to come as I grew to like all the characters and I am sure the whys and wherefores won’t be as prolific in the books to come.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Buy Links ➢ $2.99 Kindle | B&N | Smashwords

The sad truth is that I’m not nearly as entertaining as fiction. Sigh. I am a thirty-six year old stay at home writer, thanks to my incredibly supportive husband. We’ve been together for twelve years and I still love waking up next to that sexy man. We lost our furry child recently, so we are childless at the moment. Our whole world revolved around her. Needless to say, I love animals, especially dogs. Okay, maybe not all animals, I’m not a super big fan of monkeys. Any animal that throws their feces kind of eeks me out. I may, or may not, have a problem with candy. I love any research that leads to Neiman Marcus’ online shoe department. Spreadsheets give me way more happiness than they should. I love to read, the dirtier the better. It all started with the naughty historical romances by Judith McNaught that I devoured as a teenager. I love reading about hot, sexy alpha males and heroines that are smart enough to live.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Promise Me Always by Kari March

Title – Promise Me Always
Author – Kari March
Genre – New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date – Feb 11th 2014



Blake Bentley had a rough upbringing, never fully believing he was good enough for anything or anyone. After being left with a broken heart by his only girlfriend, Blake swore off relationships for good and turned to the only two things that made him feel sufficient – sex and firefighting.

Tessa Collins was brought up in the traditional ‘perfect’ family – loving parents, great sister, and amazing friends. After falling in love with Jared, her life was perfect – until he betrayed her. She has no idea that his betrayal could end up costing her more than just a shattered heart.

Blake and Tessa have been friends since high school. Never wanting to admit their attraction for each other, the two always remained close friends. Now, three years later, Blake and Tessa find themselves being pulled together by a force much greater than friendship.

Blake and Tessa have promised to be friends forever, but as fate pulls them together, they embark on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. Will his self doubt and her insecurities keep them apart? Or will they be able to promise each other always?

**content is for +18yrs. **



Excerpt Tessa POV

Blake led me through the ballroom and out into the hotel lobby. He pulled me into a corner before we got to the front desk, and slowly turned to look at me, his eyes searching mine. He lightly placed his hands on my shoulders, like he was trying to ensure he had my undivided attention. “Tess, are you sure you want to stay here? It is your call. We can get in the limo now and I can take you home. I’ll do whatever you want to do, baby girl. I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

I tried my hardest to fight back the laughter. I know he was trying to be a gentleman, but really what did he take me for—a virgin? He knew all too well that I wasn’t. “That’s really sweet, Blake, but I am a big girl and I think I can handle sleeping in the same room with you. I promise, if I ever feel uncomfortable with anything that we are doing, I will have no problem voicing my opinion.” I gave him a sexy smile, hoping he would get the double meaning behind my statement.

“You promise?” he asked, tilting his head to the side and looking at me with that smile that made me weak in the knees. I was getting the feeling that he understood exactly what I was saying.

“Always,” I replied as I looked up at him. His dark eyes were staring at me with desire. The movement of his tongue reaching out to lick his lips drew my attention down to his perfect mouth. God, how I wanted to taste him again! But there was no way I was making the first move. Not again. I noticed his eyes shift down to my mouth and I lightly bit my bottom lip. He slid his hand from my shoulder to the back of my neck, while his other hand reached up and gently cradled my face. He slowly leaned down and placed his lips on mine. I opened my mouth slightly, allowing him to enter further. That was all he needed. He invaded my mouth with his tongue, and as he deepened the kiss, I knew in his own way he was claiming me. He was forceful and aggressive, yet slow and tender as he savored every move he made. My whole body was shaking and my sex was aching. I had never been kissed like that before.

The hand that had been cradling my face was now on my lower back, pulling my body closer to him. My arms were clutched around his neck and my hands were working their way through his dark hair. I never wanted this kiss to end.

We were in our own little world where no one else existed. As his hand moved down to my ass, my body quivered with excitement. I wanted him here and now. Then I remembered where we were—a hotel lobby with lots of people around. He must have felt me tense up a little because he slowly ended the kiss. Resting his forehead on mine, he looked down at me. We were both breathing heavy as we stared at each other.

“I have wanted to do that ever since you opened your door tonight,” he whispered.

Excerpt Blake POV

When I got home, Devin was sitting on the couch in our living room watching Duck Dynasty and laughing uncontrollably. He was showered and ready for the day and it was only eleven am. I didn’t understand how he could wake up so damn early when he drank. I could sleep all fucking day after a heavy night of drinking. Devin, on the other hand, always woke up by at least seven when he drank. Even if he was up all night long, he was still awake bright and early. Personally, I thought he had been cursed.

“Hey, bro! Have a good time last night?” he asked, wiggling his eye brows at me while he reached over and muted the TV. “It sure seemed like you and Tess were getting pretty cozy last night out on the balcony. I noticed you slept in her room last night. You get any?”

“Shit, Dev, you know we are just friends. She isn’t like that, asshole!” I snapped back. I sat down on the couch and stared at him. Did he really just ask me that? I was so mad. If he wasn’t my brother, I would’ve punched him.

“Uh, yeah, okay…whatever you say, man.” Devin rolled his eyes at me. “Blake, sometimes, I swear I know you better than you know yourself. I see how you look at that girl and I see the way she looks at you. There is way more than friendship there, bro. Wake the fuck up!”

I hated the fact that my brother knew me so well. When we were little, he always used to finish my sentences and it always freaked me out. I never understood how he could do that. I spent most of my childhood believing he was fucking psychic.

“It just isn’t good timing. First of all, she just got cheated on, again, by that douchebag. And she has made it perfectly clear, on more than one occasion that she just wants to be friends.” I put my head in my hands. I was so confused. I sighed, obviously frustrated, and just looked at Devin. “I don’t know what to do. She keeps sending me these crazy mixed signals. One minute she acts like she fucking wants me and the next minute she tells me she doesn’t need any more complications in her life.”

“Dude, no offense, but it sounds like she’s just as confused as you are. Maybe you should just take things into your own hands. If you want her, then let her know. Stop being such a pussy and make a move. You’re Blake Bentley for fuck sakes; you have women eating out of your hand on a daily basis. I taught you better than this,” he said, shaking his head dramatically. “This should be a cake walk for you.” He sat up and looked at me with an, I’m sorry you’re so pathetic, look on his face.

“It isn’t like that with her, Devin. She’s different. I don’t want to just fuck her…. If I mess this up with her, if I lose her, it will destroy me.” I looked back down at the floor. I closed my eyes and memories of Tess filled my mind.

The first time I saw her, all of our drunken conversations, talking about that Bruno Mars song, the way she looked in the sunlight leaning up against my truck….. I smiled as images of her flashed like pulsing lights. The way she tasted as she kissed me for the first time, the way I fit perfectly inside her, her smile, her smart ass mouth, the way she fit like a puzzle piece in my arms when I held her, how it killed me to see her crying yesterday over that jackass……. and then it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. My heart started beating so fast it felt like it was on fire.

I fucking wanted this girl. No, I needed her and I was going to do everything in my power to fucking make her mine.

Author Bio
I am a new adult contemporary author that is currently working on my first novel, Promise Me Always. I am a wife, mother of 2 amazing kiddos, photographer and owner at K23 Photography & Design, graphic designer and cover designer at K23 Designs, as well as an avid reader and blogger at A Book Whores Obsession! I have been married since 2004 to the most amazing man ever and together we have two amazing children.

I was born in Aurora, CO and still reside their today with my amazing family. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. I have become accustom to bi-polar weather living here and I absolutely love getting all four seasons (although winters could be a bit shorter.)

I have a small obsession with Starbucks and gummy bears! They make the perfect writing snack! Wine helps a lot too especially with the late night writing sessions. I love the summer and everything that goes along with it, camping, swimming, boating, hiking, etc. I love to travel and Disneyland is one of my family’s favorite places to visit together. I have a dream of visiting so many places in the world such as Italy, Greece, Australia, Fiji, Bora Bora and New Zealand (just to name a few.)

I have met so many amazing people in this journey so far and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Author Links
Facebook –
Website –
Email –
Twitter – @kmarch23

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Review: Wulfe Untamed: A Feral Warriors Novel by Pamela Palmer

Wulfe Untamed: A Feral Warriors Novel by Pamela Palmer
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
Reviewed By: Reading In Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 4.5 Stars



They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release . . .

The most enigmatic and tortured of the Feral Warriors, Wulfe is haunted by the quiet beauty of a human woman who no longer remembers him. Once a captive of both the Mage and the Ferals, Natalie stole a piece of his heart before he took her memories and sent her safely back to her fiancé. But now the Mage are threatening her again, and Wulfe will risk anything to protect her.

Natalie Cash is stunned when she’s saved by a wolf who shifts suddenly into a splendidly built, if badly scarred, man, a man with the kindest eyes. Swept into a world of intrigue and danger beyond her comprehension, she turns to the powerful Wulfe, finding a passion she’d only dreamed of. But when time runs out, they must trust one another and surrender to a wild, untamed love.


I loved Wulfe’s story! This is book 8 in Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warrior Series. I’m a fan of the series and love all the Feral Warriors, but Wulfe, with his tortured past, has always been a favorite of mine and I was really looking forward to his story. Pamela Palmer did not disappoint. I love Wulfe even more after reading his story! If you have not read this series yet I recommend you read it in order. It’s a great paranormal series with great characters and lots of action, danger, and hot romance. I highly recommend this series for paranormal romance lovers.

*ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

BUY LINKS ➢ Kindle $6.64 | Amazon Paperback $7.52 | B&N (Paperback $7.99/ Nook $6.99) | Kobo $6.99

Read more about the Feral Warriors on Pamela Palmer’s Website:

From Pamela Palmer’s Site:
Eons ago, before the rise of human civilization, two immortal races battled the Daemons for control of the earth. The Mage, or magic ones, and the Therians, the mighty shape-shifters. Though traditional enemies, the Mage and Therians banded together to overcome the High Daemon, Satanan, ending his reign of terror and destroying his armies. The cost of victory was high. To win that ultimate battle, both races were forced to mortgage nearly all their power. Only one Therian among each of the ancient lines of shape-shifters was left with the power of his animal. Nine remain.

They are the Feral Warriors.

» Book 1 of the Feral Warriors Series is Desire Untamed
» Book 2: Obsession Untamed
» Book 3: Passion Untamed
» Book 3.5: Hearts Untamed from Bitten by Cupid anthology
» Book 4: Rapture Untamed
» Book 5: Hunger Untamed
» Book 6: Ecstasy Untamed
» Book 7: A Love Untamed
» Book 8: Wulfe Untamed



Release Event: Freakin’ Cougar by Eve Langlais

Freakin' Cougar Release Day
Release Day Event


Book Title: Freakin’ Cougar
Author: Eve Langlais
Genre: Shapeshifter Menage
Release Date: January 28, 2014
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


“Forget taming their cougar. These young studs want her as is, even if she scratches.
Someone’s killing shifters in prison, and Patricia needs help catching the culprit. The cougar enlists the help of Stu and Ricky, a techno geek and a reformed criminal, a mismatched pair, who turn out to also be her mates. But Patricia’s already loved and lost one man. Does she dare allow herself to care again?
Older isn’t just wiser, it’s sexier, or at least that’s what a socially challenged wolf and a bad boy panther think. Forced to work together to catch a killer, Stu and Ricky soon find out they’ll have to learn to do more than tolerate each other when they realize one hot forty-something cougar is their mate. Can they find a way to work together and make their cougar purr?”
Excerpt (18+):
Chapter One
Sunday was family dinner night. For most people this would mean a loving gathering of close relatives around the supper table, exchanging news and exciting gossip over home-cooked food.
But his was no ordinary family. With the exception of one new addition, all present were shapeshifters; large cats, wolves, and even one big-ass bear. As for Stu, one of the lupine diners, he was related, in an unfortunate twist of fate, to all of them.
To one side of him sat Chris, younger brother, pain in his ass, and newly married chump to the lovely and delicate Jiao. On his right, he had the entertaining Alejandro, his other brother Mitchell—whom he lived to tease—and feisty Francine, their mate as well as his sister’s best friend.
Across the table sat his loud-mouthed, bratty sister Naomi with her mates Ethan and Javier, accompanied by his adorable baby niece and nephew—who currently took turns spitting out food and chortling. Then there was his other brother Kendrick, his best bud Joel, and their human mate, Ruth, a plump and juicy morsel. Not that he said that aloud—he preferred to not bleed all over his favorite Despicable Me minion T-shirt.
His oldest brother, Derrick, was the only one of his siblings missing because he was off on some mission to save the world—he always had been an overachiever and champion ass-kisser.
Toss in his mom and dad at the heads of the table, and the noise level currently underway probably exceeded local bylaw levels. Not that anyone would dare complain. Their neighbors were shapeshifters too and would more likely pee on the leg of a ticketing bylaw agent than complain about one of their own.
Seeing as how the whole family was pretty much accounted for, it made the ringing of the doorbell surprising. What insane person would show up at dinnertime on a Sunday at his house? Then again, the table still had one empty seat, a seat his mother enjoyed glancing toward at least once a day before shooting him a pointed stare, a look that plainly said, “And when will you be settling down with a mate of your own?”
As if he’d be filling it anytime soon. He still intended to sow many more oats before settling down. Of course, the whole sowing thing required him leaving the house and going to places where he could meet girls. Stu wasn’t the social type. At least not in person.
While comfortable around close friends and family, Stu lacked a suave tongue when it came to conversing with women. Tongue-tied, shy, and awkward tended to strike whenever he tried to flirt. So he mostly stuck to online dating personals, which would work a lot better if most of the profiles didn’t belong to lonely old men getting their jollies. Stu still woke in a cold sweat every so often when he remembered the video of the last so-called woman he’d virtually dated. Needless to say, she turned out to be a very hairy he who enjoyed masturbating for an audience while wearing a bunny rabbit suit. It took a week for the blindness to wear off.
Before the chimes could ding a second time, his father excused himself to answer, not that anyone paid much attention. The various conversation threads flowed fast and furious as everyone caught up on the week’s events. Naomi and Francine gushed over the newest thing the wonder twins had accomplished while the guys all discussed the most recent roster changes on the Ottawa Senators line-up.
Stu paid little of it any mind. He just came down from his room to scarf down a plateful, inhale some of mom’s pie, and store some energy for the World of Warcraft attack he’d planned with a group of other online gamers for the evening. His level seventy-six mage had acquired some new spells and armor that he was dying to test out.
But, judging by his stirring wolf, those plans might get cancelled.
Something smelled good, and for once it wasn’t Ma’s homemade peach cobbler pie. Leaning back in his seat and ignoring the noise around him, Stu inhaled deep, sifting the various scents.
No doubt about it. A shifter had entered their home. Someone he’d never met, in person at least. A female. Sniff. Sniff. Feline. And coming this way.
Stu opened his eyes and saw her as she stepped into the dining room, a trim, thirty-something blonde with bobbed hair and vivid blue eyes. Damn, talk about hot! She looked like a man’s stripper fantasy in her perfectly pressed RCMP uniform, which, while stern, did nothing to hide her athletic build, softened by very womanly curves. But it wasn’t just her looks that caught his attention, more the fact that judging by the way his inner beast sat up and took notice, along with a certain body part, he’d just found his mate.
What an unexpected surprise. Not that she was older than him or a cat, but the fact he even had a mate. Still in his twenties—and, yes, twenty-nine counted—his track record with women wasn’t great. While at ease among friends and family, he turned into a bumbling idiot around women he found appealing. Even when he did manage to speak, his appearance often played against him.
Stu was into comfort. Well-worn jeans, T-shirts with cartoons and humorous sayings, oh and hair he let his mother trim, usually while licking the mixing bowl for the brownies, her bribe to get him to sit still while she hacked at his uneven locks.
Don’t get him wrong. While he wasn’t movie star handsome, he also wasn’t butt ugly. Just ask his momma.
Sitting ramrod straight in his seat, he plastered a smile on his face, wished he’d combed his hair, and hoped nothing was stuck between his teeth. Alas, despite his certainty that the woman who’d entered was his mate, his luck with women held true. Her eyes tracked over him and didn’t linger. So much for instant attraction. On the upside, at least she didn’t scream, gag, or run away.
“Patricia, grab a seat,” his mom yelled from the kitchen, not at all perturbed by the addition of another person at their rollicking, mismatched dining table.
His mind automatically began to hum Patricia Delicia. Great stripper song, but not the time for it. He shoved aside the naughty ditty sung by that crooner Chris De Burgh as he tried to concentrate on placing the woman. Why did her name sound so familiar? Surely if they’d met before he would remember.
With a husky voice that would have done well on a late-night radio show, she replied, “I can’t. I’m here on business. I’m looking for Stu Grayson.”
Business involving him? Given her attire and the seriousness of her tone, that couldn’t bode well. Had his illegal pirating of movies and MP3s finally caught up to him because, as far as he knew, surfing porn—and whacking off to it—wasn’t illegal. What were the chances he could slink off his chair, hide under the table, and sneak out the back door? Given the fact a Chihuahua wouldn’t make it through the maze of legs and feet, not good.
Only one thing to do. Man up and hope for the best.
Stu pushed back from the table, his chair screeching on the battered hardwood floor, and stood. “That’s me. What can I do for you?”
“Stu Grayson, I’m placing you under arrest.” Patricia dangled a set of metal cuffs, and jaws all over the place dropped.
Meet the Author
“Hello, my name is Eve, a Canadian mom who works full time as an author. In between juggling my three kids, hubby, and housework, I pen steamy romance–usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens lol. I love to write, and while I don’t always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a HEA.
Thanks so much for coming by and checking me out. If you’d like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what’s coming next, then please visit me at
Or sign up for my new release email list at
Happy reading!
Eve Langlais ”
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Entangled Covet Release Day Blast & Giveaway

Covets have all the sexiness, emotion, and happily ever after that readers have come to expect and love from Entangled. They are firmly grounded in the contemporary world, but each novel brings in supernatural twists, breaking the contemporary and paranormal rules, alike. To find out more about their titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books you’ll be coveting next, visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, LIKE their Facebook page, and join the Book Club.

Also, make sure to hop on over the Entangled in Romance blog to join in the fun as Covet challenges readers to share their worst date stories. The worse, the better, hold no punches!

Today I’m happy to be featuring Covet’s January releases:

Love at Stake by Victoria Davies

Abbey is the lone human working for Fated Match, a company that pairs members of the supernatural community with their eternal mates.

To snag a young vampire socialite as their next client, Abbey journeys to the home of Lucian Redgrave, the oldest vampire on the East Coast. But he’s not willing to allow his vampire daughter to use the agency… unless Abbey can first find his perfect match in a month.

As Abbey coaches Lucian through his dates, she can’t deny the chemistry between them. But humans are toys for vampires, and risking her heart isn’t a part of the plan.

Haunt Me by Heather Long

Recently divorced author MacKenzie Dillon has lost her writing mojo. When she inherits her great aunt’s haunted house in Virginia, she is determined to make a new start. The creepy old house provides inspiration but at what cost?

Successful architect and paranormal skeptic Justin Kent returns to Penny Hollow to fulfill his father’s dying wish of revitalizing their small town. To do that, he needs the allegedly haunted estate at Summerfield. Mac, the new owner, may be gorgeous and spunky, but she refuses to sell.

These two have a dangerous history that spans the ages, but will they discover the truth in time to save their lives?

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Book Blitz: AWAKEN (Divine Hunter #1) by L.J. Sealey




Michael Warden used to live a normal life. A successful entrepreneur he had everything until his life got taken away from him–Literally. Now he is trapped in a world that shouldn’t exist, fighting things that should only exist in nightmares in a quest to find out the truth about what happened to him.

Lacy Holloway is finally content in the little town of Oakland, Garrett Co. Working at the local university, she has finally allowed herself to move on from the one thing that had haunted her past. Aside from an unsettling string of suicides at her place of work, Lacy is happy. Then a new colleague enters her life. Michael is handsome, smart and their friendship is instant…Easy.

That is, until another student attempts to take her own life and Lacy is hurled into a world of nightmares which she soon discovers Michael is already a part of. As they are forced to face demons, both the supernatural and the emotional kind, they also have to face the realisation that they are both beginning to feel things for each other that neither of them expected, least of all Michael. As well as trying not to fall too deeply for the woman who has captivated him, he is shocked to discover things about his very existence that could change both their lives and the world as they know it.


*AWAKEN is receiving 5 star reviews around the internet*

AmazonUS $2.99 | AmazonUK £1.53 | iBooksUK | iBooksUS | B&N | Kobo


When he looked out of the driver’s side window he was surprised to see the airstrip beside them. He’d been so lost in his thoughts he hadn’t noticed the distance they’d covered. Evo must have sensed his mood because he’d kept quiet for the last part of the journey which Michael was grateful for. He suddenly felt bad for feeling irritated by him, he hadn’t deserved it.

Now Michael was back to being aware of his surroundings, he realised there was another reason he was glad he’d been preoccupied by his inner-turmoil over Lacy: Evo’s musical taste hadn’t improved in their time apart. “What the hell is this you’re listening to?”

Evo shot him a look of utter bemusement, like Michael was supposed to know who the female country singer coming out of the stereo was. “It’s Faith Hill. . . What? She’s talented.”

“Jeez buddy. As soon as we get back, I’m buying you some new music.” Thank God they were nearly there. He needed a distraction and fast.

After checking the arrival time on the information screen−to make sure Evo’s woman’s plane would be landing on time−the two men walked through the small airport towards the arrivals lounge. They still had a little time until the plane was in so Michael ordered a coffee-to-go from the Wild Bean kiosk in the corner. They took a seat near the window.

“I have a feeling this Varesh is going to be a piece of work.” Evo said, as he removed his sunglasses. It was the middle of October, and they were expecting snow any time, but Evo was always wearing those damned wraparounds no matter what. Usually only took them off at night when his vision was restricted.

L.J. Sealey was born and raised in a little Welsh town by the sea. It rains a lot, so she often has a great excuse to sit at her writing desk and while away the hours at her laptop.

She still lives in N.Wales and when she’s not travelling around the country working with her husband – who is a professional singer – or singing backup vocals herself, she likes to read and watch her favourite TV shows which normally includes plenty of CSI, The Vampire Diaries and endless amounts of sitcoms. Being addicted to reading about vampires, demons, shifters and angels, she has always had a thing for all things paranormal and is a big sucker for impossible love stories. So it was inevitable that when she started writing herself she would mix the two together.


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Review: Texas Hold ‘Em (Hotter in Texas) by Christie Craig

Texas Hold ‘Em (Hotter in Texas) by Christie Craig
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Dawn
Rated: 3.5 Stars




The last thing veterinarian Leah Reece needs is a man in her life. They’re nothing but trouble-and not even the fun kind. But when her apartment is broken into and Leah suspects Rafael, her dangerous half-brother, of foul play, she can’t deny she could use a little help. She just never expected that help would come with twinkling blue eyes and a sexy smile…

All PI Austin Brook wants is to nail Rafael DeLuna, the man who framed him for murder. He’ll do anything for information-even lie about his identity to charm Leah, DeLuna’s half-sister. But her sweet dimples and fiery spirit soon make her more than just his only lead. Leah becomes his every desire. As Austin closes in on DeLuna, it’s clear he won’t go down without a fight. Now the only way Austin can protect Leah is to reveal all of his secrets and risk losing her for good.


Austin is an ex police officer who has an axe to grind with DeLuna, the man that landed him in jail. Leah is DeLuna’s half sister. Austin figures if he can make nice with Leah he will find DeLuna. Leah has no idea where her good for nothing half brother is, but Austin does not know that. Austin is attracted to Leah from the moment he meets her. He lies to Leah about who he is and knows this attraction will bite him in the butt if he doesn’t tell her who he really is. Leah has it bad for Austin, but doesn’t trust anyone. As Austin gets closer to finding DeLuna his feelings for Leah only get stronger. Once he finds DeLuna and Leah finds out who he is, it might be too late. I felt like there were several different story angles going on in this book, although each story was about finding DeLuna. Each time one of the story lines could have drawn me in, it felt like it switched to another angle.

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

BUY LINKS ➢ Kindle $7.59 | Amazon Paperback $7.20 | B&N (Paperback $8.00/ Nook $7.99) | Kobo $7.99

WEEKLY RELEASE LIST 01/26-02/01 ✦Romance✦Paranormal Romance✦Erotica✦Romantic Suspense✦New Adult✦Historical Romance✦


*This list will be pinned to the top of our FB page and updates will be made throughout the week. Buy links for Amazon Global, B&N, Kobo, and Paperbacks. Goodreads link is provided if buy links are not available yet. Genre codes included with titles. Key to codes listed at the bottom of the list.

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✦First to Burn by Anna Richland #PNR #RS ➢ Kindle $3.03 | Nook $3.99 | Kobo $3.49
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✦Love at Stake by Victoria Davies #PNR ➢ Kindle $2.99 | Nook $2.99 | Kobo $2.99
✦Abandon (Shattered Hearts, 3.5) by Cassia Leo #CR ➢ Kindle $3.99 | Amazon Paperback $10.63
✦Private Show (Private #2) by Danielle Torella #NA #CR ➢ Kindle $2.99
✦Be Were (Southern Shifters) by Eliza Gayle #PNR ➢ Kindle $2.99
✦Cloaked in Danger by Jeannie Ruesch #HR #RS ➢ Kindle $3.03 | Nook $3.99 | Kobo $3.49

✦Up From the Grave (Night Huntress #7) by Jeaniene Frost #PNR ➢ Kindle $6.64 | Amazon Paperback $7.19 | B&N (Paperback $7.99/ Nook $6.64) | Kobo $6.99
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✦Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining #CR ➢ Kindle $3.79 | Amazon Paperback $11.47 | B&N (Paperback $11.49/ Nook $3.99) | Kobo $3.99
✦Texas Hold ‘Em (Hotter in Texas) by Christie Craig #CR (Dawn 3.5 Stars) ➢ Kindle $7.59 | Amazon Paperback $7.20 | B&N (Paperback $8.00/ Nook $7.99) | Kobo $7.99
✦Slow Seduction (Struck by Lightning) by Cecilia Tan #CR #ER (Dawn 3.5 Stars) ➢ Kindle $4.74 | Amazon Paperback $7.40 | B&N (Paperback $7.40/ Nook $4.99) | Kobo $4.99
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✦Reaper’s Legacy (Reapers Motorcycle Club) by Joanna Wylde #CR ➢ Kindle $5.12 | Amazon Paperback $11.36 | B&N (Paperback $11.36/ Nook $5.12) | Kobo $5.99

✦Freakn’ Cougar (Freakn’ Shifters) by Eve Langlais #PNR #ER ➢ Kindle $3.99 | Nook $3.99 | Kobo $3.49

✦Ecstasy Unbound (Guardians of the Realms #1) by Setta Jay #PNR (Donna 3.5 Stars) ➢ $2.99 Kindle | B&N | Smashwords

✦Undercover Captor (Shadow Agents: Guts and Glory) by Cynthia Eden #RS #CR ➢ Kindle $3.82 | Amazon Paperback $5.38 | B&N (Paperback $5.50/ Nook $4.99) | Kobo $4.39
✦Game On (Last Bachelor Standing) by Nancy Warren #CR ➢ Kindle $3.82 | Amazon Paperback $4.95 | B&N (Paperback $5.50/ Nook $4.99) | Kobo $4.39
✦Bare Essentials: Naughty But Nice\Naturally Naughty by Jill Shalvis, Leslie Kelly #CR (Dawn 4 Stars) ➢ Kindle $7.69 | Amazon Paperback $9.20 | B&N (Paperback $9.20/ Nook $8.99) | Kobo $7.69

#CS – Contemporary Romance
#PNR – Paranormal Romance
#RS – Romantic Suspense
#NA – New Adult Romance
#ER – Erotica Romance
#YA – Young Adult Romance
#UF – Urban Fantasy Romance
#FR – Fantasy Romance
#HR – Historical Romance
#SF – Science Fiction Romance

Book Blitz: Ransom (Holding Ransom # 1) by Denise Mathew

Ransom Blitz
Book Blitz

Book Title: Ransom
Author: Denise Mathew
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 3, 2014
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Two tragedies miles apart, a chance meeting, one running toward the truth the other running away. And in the ruins of devastation love grows…
When one selfish choice leads to a lifetime of regret, twenty-year-old Lexie Adams struggles to survive in her new reality. Unable to move forward, she searches for answers and meaning in a tragedy that stripped her of the life she had once taken for granted. There’s nothing she wishes for more than a chance to go back in time, to change the fateful night that left her broken. Now faced with the stark truth that she needs to move forward, or be crushed by the past, she pins all her hopes and dreams on one person saving her, famed child faith healer and medium, Gabriel Sanders.
Slippery handsome Ransom Sanders loves his brother Gabriel as much as he despises his domineering father. From as far back as Ransom can remember, his days have been an endless string of venues, hotel rooms, and cheap diner food, his nights filled with as many women as he can get into his bed. But when everything he has built his life on is ripped away, he searches for meaning in the chaos that follows .
When a chance meeting pushes Lexie and Ransom’s paths together, neither of them can trust enough to be honest about their intentions and needs. But what begins as a Pandora’s box of secrets, lies, and deceit, soon becomes something much more than either Ransom or Lexie thought they could have. Where fate offers them a chance at something that is uniquely their own, a safe place where their broken spirits can be healed, and where love isn’t just a word, it’s a reality.
18+ for sexual content

★★★★★5 STAR REVIEWS★★★★★

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Meet the Author
Denise Mathew loves good chocolate, lots of coffee, her kids and husband, when they behave, and of course writing stories. She believes that housework should be banned and wishes that potato chips were the most healthy and nutritious food on the planet.
She worked as a pediatric nurse for eleven years, once owned an online jewelry business and even taught English in Thailand.
She plans on writing until the stories run out, something she hopes never happens.
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